Now everyone can apply for a blue badge as Twitter revises process for account verification

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Even though there are millions of people, brands and organisations that are on Twitter everyday, not every one of those users has that blue badge that indicates that an account is verified. This has been reserved for selected accounts (187,000 actually) that belong to celebrities and influencers.

Now, Twitter has decided to change that. It announced a new online application process for account verification. Anyone who believes that their account should be verified because of their influence or the potential risk of being impersonated can apply online.

Requirements include a verified email and phone number, a profile photo and reasons why the account should be verified.

The full details about the application process including all the requirements and criteria are available on the Twitter help page.

While it’s not yet clear whether this will mean that a flood of accounts will earn that blue badge, it could help organisations like ZESA deal with parody accounts.