NetOne extends broadband services introduces a public WiFi option

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Local mobile network operator, NetOne recently launched a comprehensive data, voice and SMS package but it appears that it also wants to reach out to non-subscribers as well.

A  public WiFi service is now available from the main NetOne shop at Kopje Plaza in Harare. For $1 users receive a voucher for 100 MB of data which is valid for 14 days. This is different from the WiFi service that NetOne already offers its subscribers when they visit a NetOne shop.

This could be something that the operator wants to explore as an option of activating infrastructure that it invested in through a network upgrading project that resulted in the introduction of LTE services countrywide.

However, before the project expands NetOne might need to consider aspects such as the pricing of data and strategic placement of WiFi hotspots.

The public WiFi space is currently dominated by Liquid Telecom’s ZOL (which has the widest hotspot coverage and free access) and  TelOne, NetOne’s sister company which offers 1 GB of WiFi for $1 and has committed to an extensive WiFi rollout plan.


  1. Muzukuru

    What a wastage of resources. There are so many WiFi services in town including one from their sister company Telone. The market is saturated and $1 for 100MB is not even close to enticing.

    1. Macd Chip

      We want even more wifi providers to increase competition and coverage, the market is still in its infant stage compare to other world markets.

      When l go other places, if you open your wifi settings to choose one, they will be three pages to choose from, you open your wifi settings in Harare sometimes you are luck to get 2 wifi hotspot

  2. TheHeist

    The data allowance is just mediocre.