Audio: Supa Mandiwanzira on why Econet should share EcoCash agents

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Below is the audio of Zimbabwe ICT minister Supa Mandiwanzira responding to statements made by EcoCash Head, Natalie Jabangwe-Morris, who had said that the Econet group needs first to recoup its investment in its EcoCash distribution network, before allowing other players to share its infrastructure.


Supa Mandiwanzira: Econet owes it to government to share EcoCash agents

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  1. Takanaka

    I do not understand Minister. Does he see it fit that one invests in a product while others do not invest but are allowed to equally share the fruits of another man’s labour?

    1. Munya

      We desperately need FDI in this country. Please open up for the brave investors knocking on your door Minister!

  2. Lets just be Communists already!

    Why do I get the feeling ‘SupaCash’ is gonna be an actual thing?!

  3. @n0n

    Obvious and advisable decision to make Brainworks succeed.

    1) You are a Minister responsible for Telecoms
    2) You are a shareholder of Brainworks, that needs a pie of EcoCash’s market share
    3) You have the power to bend EcoCash to your will
    4) You use that power

    An pretty intelligent path of reasoning.

    Wouldnt you do it too?

  4. k

    Supa is n idiot he hs jus proved t again wit this audio

  5. Isaac

    Super Mandiwanzira is making sense here. This is the only way that the market can develop.