Zimbabwe to launch Trade Information Portal, plays catchup in use of tech for investment info

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According to the Financial Gazette that Zimbabwe will launch the country’s first trade Information Portal (TIP) later this month.

While other countries in the region like Botswana and South Africa have already leveraged their presence online to communicate their ability to accommodate trade and investment partners Zimbabwe has struggled to do this effectively.

The Trade Information Portal is supposed to change that. It is designed to be a one-stop facility for anyone interested in relevant information for engaging in trade and investment within Zimbabwe.

It will provide online access to information related to economic and investment data and current intelligence relating to trade with Zimbabwean enterprises including duties and taxes, trade agreements, and national regulations.

Despite Zimbabwe’s late adoption of such a service, this is a much-needed development. With the internet becoming the primary tool for intelligence Zimbabwe needs to have a clear presence online with up to date information.


  1. Muzukuru

    What will the portal say? Bring your money and we will take 51% of it for no reason. We will insult you, do not care about the law, IP or property rights, we will arrest you if you question our methods. 🙂 Come and invest in Zimbabwe you white people

    1. tinm@n

      Perhaps you would’ve done yourself a favour by reading the article…the Fingaz one. You would know who’s supporting them and why.