Ericsson clarifies position on the launch of a VOD service in Zimbabwe

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We recently published an article on a partnership between Econet Wireless and Ericsson for the launch of a pay TV service called NuVu.

Ericsson has since communicated their position regarding this relationship, emphasising that it hasn’t signed any contract with Econet. The mobile operator is only a potential partner just like other mobile network operators in the region.

You can read Ericsson’s full statement below.

Last year at AfricaCom, Ericsson launched a new video on demand service called NuVu.  NuVu is a complete end-to-end technology and content service with a built-in ability to use off-peak data traffic in order to distribute the content to the consumer. This enables virtually zero data cost for both the operator and the consumer, addressing the cost challenge that has so far been an obstacle for video on demand uptake in the region.

From launch, subscribers to this service will have unlimited access to around 3,000 local and international TV and film titles for a small monthly fee. They will be able to download content directly to their smartphones at no additional data cost during off-peak network times and access the content offline for up to 30 days after downloading.

NuVu’s content offering, which is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, will span a wide variety of genres including Hollywood and Nollywood movies, TV series, kids, music, gospel and education. Ericsson is working with a number of leading international distributors to acquire TV and film content for its new service.

The solution will only be launched in partnership with telecommunications services providers. While we are in discussions with operators across sub-Saharan Africa, the initial launch market for NuVu is Nigeria. Econet, like every operator in the region, remains a potential partner for this solution, but we do not currently have any contract signed to this effect.


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    the news is the tech that can make it free to download movies for the consumer that is nothing short of revolutionary

  2. Tinashe Mudavanhu

    Welcome to spread of piracy with these VOD services.

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    Yaa I share the same sentiments with Tinashe, such tech services seem to propagate piracy

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    Zvinouya rini koizvi