TelOne Centre for Learning Introduces University of Derby accredited Telecoms Mini MBA

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The TelOne Centre for Learning  has partnered Informa Telecoms (a UK based research, training and events company that you probably know for the annual AfricaCom events) to offer the Informa Telecoms Mini MBA and LTE Courses in commercial and technology.

The Telecoms Mini MBA  is a 5 day program starting on 30 May and will cost $3,200 which includes tuition, courseware, meals, conference package and international certification accredited by University of Derby.

The second program is the Informa Telecoms LTE for Commercial Professionals which will be held f0r 2 days (6-7 June 2016) and costs $1,200.

Separately, the Informa Telecoms LTE for Technical Professionals will be held for 2 days  from 8-9 June 2016 and also costs $1,200.

The Telecoms Mini MBA is a robust program that is accredited with UK’s University of Derby. This is a critical program for building the modern Telecoms Leader. The LTE Courses are vital as they articulate the modern technologies and cover the commercial and technology essentials to this modern evolution of technology.

You can download course brochures here:

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  1. Ubha

    mba in 5 days oh its mini mba in 5 days (whatever that means) so is it equivalent to a certificate, diploma or masters program done in at least 1 year, ko kungoti i certificate of attendence or just a workshop

    the accreditation recognizes it as what kind of a course, i am not saying its not helpful but need to call it what it is overrated workshop dubbed a mini mba – its clever marketing by the way

    1. Macd Chip

      I would not say that! Have you ever attended these five day courses, a day will be like a year if you have a good trainer. Its fast paced and you will need a lot of prehand infor on every subject they will be talking about.

      These courses are not for job seekers!! I have attended a lot of 5 day courses, recent one was LIR RIPE NCC, if you blink you are left behind.

  2. LLOYD

    Nice courses.really essential for any1 in telecommunications.pricing getting that plus more for just a 1000 dollars at telcoma Zim

    1. farai

      Lloyd, Have you started the course at telcoma Zim?

      1. Macd Chip

        l have registered for one of their latest course, will start on 27 July, looks very interesting!

  3. Macd Chip

    What a bargain!! In UK it cost about £3895 then all the other costs, that can easily push your bill to over £5000