Econet signs up brand ambassadors for Ruzivo digital learning platform

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A few months ago, local mobile operator Econet Wireless launched Ruzivo Digital Learning, a new e-learning platform that provides learning materials for Primary and Secondary school children.

Introduced as a complementary tool for the EcoSchool service which has long been Econet Zimbabwe’s main e-learning initiative the uptake for Ruzivo was driven by an engagement with over 100 schools across Zimbabwe for its launch.

In the latest effort to expand Ruzivo’s footprint Econet has been signing on brand ambassadors that will raise awareness of the learning platform. These ambassadors will engage with the platform’s stakeholders like schools and parents, advertise its benefits and sign on new users.

According to an advert that has been placed to attract signups, these ambassadors will be operating on a commission basis and will be able to earn up to $20 a day.

The use of brand ambassadors appears to be a strategy that’s meant to create a presence among users who are comfortable using offline alternatives. The whole offline-for-online push is what has helped other digital services gain some visibility and it has also been explored by services like Nettcash for the growth of its mobile money solution.

Despite having a clear value proposition e-learning solutions have been affected by the market realities like a limited access to smart devices and restrictions around the cost of the internet.

Ruzivo has managed to sell itself as a comprehensive solution that outpaces other e-learning alternatives by virtue of being zero-rated, however, that advantage is not enough to sweep the entire market.

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  1. YizoYizo

    As long as the cost of data is that prohibitive Econet is wasting its time.

  2. Marlven Ganya

    where exactly was the advert was advertised. Thank you

  3. Jeksen

    In SA, they have an ongoing project to provide FREE WIFI. So far its only in parts of Joburg and Pretoria.

    How is this relevant? Well, apart from those that will use this free internet to whatsapp, facebook etc, some people will actually use it to learn skills from websites/apps like Ruzivo. There are many sites that offer free educational content and courses.

    You can watch video tutorials, download books or courseware for FREE online!

    As such, a country whose peeps have access to internet is an empowered country!

    We need to push our government to move fast regarding tele-comms infrastructure, otherwise in 10 years time we will be kicking ourselves!

  4. Gabriel Chinganga

    i would like to sign in to improve my grades
    and to be the best and more about the earth
    and to be more educated

    1. mwalet6

      I like the app