Dandemutande expands VSAT lineup, launches mobile satellite solution

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image credit – groundcontrol.com

Dandemutande one of the largest internet service providers in Zimbabwe recently introduced a new alternative for its enterprise and corporate clients looking for a mobile broadband solution.

The company launched a mobile satellite solution which provides internet service through a VSAT terminal that can be attached to a vehicle.

According to Dandemutande, the solution is easy to use with a one-button, auto-acquire VSAT system which is designed to offer fast satellite acquisition. A connection can be enabled within minutes while the vehicle stationary, and it can be used virtually anywhere where the vehicle can go.

Its technical partner for this new service is C-COM Satellite Systems which will be providing Dandemutande clients with its iNetVu line of mobile VSAT solutions which have been deployed across Southern Africa.

Despite a strong focus on VSAT solutions in the past through its subsidiary iWay Africa, this is the first time that Dandemutande has provided a mobile satellite solution, something that points to an increased focus on the revenue potential of a diversified VSAT services portfolio.

A look at the target market for the mobile satellite service also suggests that Dandemutande is casting a wide net and trying to engage users for both the private and public sector.

In other markets where the mobile satellite solution has been used extensively, it has been snapped up by clients in financial services (for remote banking solution setup and deployment), telemedicine, aid relief services, wildlife and conservation, emergency response, military defence, and security.

Dandemutande has the same sort of users in mind as it aims to position mobile VSAT solutions a solid alternative for broadband connection in areas where remote internet access is a challenge.

In Zimbabwe, VSAT is one of the least popular forms of internet connection as users have relied on alternatives like ADSL and Fibre. According to recent figures from the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, the number of total active VSAT connections in 2015 stood at 1,425 which only outpaced the leased line connections total of 1,393.

It has, however, been enjoying a steady growth which has been encouraged by factors like an increased interest in internet services in remote areas and more importantly some of the major changes in VSAT pricing regulations.

With any luck, the launch of new products like Dandemutande’s mobile satellite solution will also help maintain its growth.


  1. G

    so it only works when the vehicle is stationery, if that’s the case whats the use case for such, in what circumstances would one need one

    1. Muzukuru

      No, it looks like it works even when the vehicle is moving but the vehicle needs to be stationary for the initial connection to be established.

      1. Nicholas Chaya

        I think the vehicle has to be in stationary position because satellite antennas must be pointed at the satellite with about 1 degree of accuracy. So if the vehicle is moving it will be difficult to maintain the signal due to the nature of roads that are not always flat and straight, altitude, no obstruction( clear line of site). Unless they use sophisticated stabilized antennas which can track the satellite and compensate for movement as in moving ships.

    2. Gustav

      AS it is a one button auto deploy, You can now drive to any location and deploy the unit yourselves and communicate. Normally you need a Satellite specialist to deploy a fixed antenna.Typical use for an example is broadcasting, where you have to deploy in a short time in a remote place. But as in a mobile office, you can now run your business from anywhere.

  2. Macd Chip

    What is the pricing compared to Telone? lm interested because l want to be a whatsapp farmer so lm looking for a cheaper internet access in the rurals

    1. Dandemutande

      Hi Macd, kindly send your contact details to sales@dandemutande.co.zw and a member of our friendly sales team will get in touch with you. Many thanks, Dandemutande.

      1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

        It’s quite useful. Pricing would be nice though. Don’t be like typical Zimbabwean businesses that want to you to visit their offices and have lengthly meetings about nothing or contact them to get prices. If I can’t afford it, I can’t, it’s better to know before I even call or email.

  3. Langton

    I am really struggling to find the innovation part of this? Like who are they targeting and what is their percentage?