WhatsApp raises group maximum from 100 to 256 members

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WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging application has been in the news a lot since the beginning of the year.  It’s been everything from the need to regulate it, how it scrapped subscriptions to its celebration of 1 billion users and 1 billion groups.

WhatsApp Groups, 256 Members, IM
A screenshot showing the new group limit

The latest on WhatsApp is that it has increased the group maximum from 100 to 256 members. So far it seems the change has only been made to the latest version for Android (Version 2.12.437) which isn’t yet in the Google Play store but can be downloaded  from the WhatsApp website.

The boost in group maximums is the first since November 2014 when the ceiling was raised from 50 members to the 100 user total. It looks like this is the IM platform’s way of adjusting to group usage dynamics and more efforts at improving cross user interaction.

Due to its popularity as a primary communication tool and its multimedia capabilities, a number of users frequently turn WhatsApp Groups into marketing and mass communication platforms while other use them as inexpensive collaborative tools. This boost in users will only serve to enhance the ability to communicate with even more people at once.


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    One tweak that could be very helpful is to let a group member set the name that appears against their number in a group post to be specific to that group. I don’t expect that everyone in a group is saving the contact number of every member in that group. When I post to a group of my former school mates I want my school nickname to appear against my number and when I post to a church group I may want to use a more formal name.

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