ZIMRA moves all tax clearances online

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Online tax clearance

In mid-2015 the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, ZIMRA, launched its e-services platform to enable online transactions for a number of tax obligations.

It has been reported that in a follow-up development, ZIMRA issued a notice informing affected parties that starting this year it will no longer issue manual Tax Clearance Certificates, called ITF 263s, as these will strictly be processed online.

The application of tax clearance forms can now be done through the e-services platform and ZIMRA clients will also receive these certificate online as well. To use the system, all businesses will have to register on the ZIMRA e-services portal and as such all businesses that deal with ZIMRA are expected to have active e-mail accounts.

This is meant to increase efficiency for the revenue service while reducing incidents of corruption that have been facilitated by manual processes that lack total accountability. 

Through this system, ZIMRA is also fulfilling part of its objectives to contribute towards the country’s drive for an e-government. By virtue of being the handler of all national revenue, ZIMRA has a central role in achieving this objective.

Other efforts that it has made do far include the introduction of a tax management system which captures real-time transactional data from all registered traders. This system is still in its pilot stage but is set for full-scale deployment within the first quarter of 2016. 

It is meant to provide an electronic solution for tax fraud and incorrect revenue declaration from vendors in the Zimbabwean business space and there is an opportunity for the same system to provide accurate data for a host of other services in both the public and private sectors.


  1. Meee

    Note the full scale introduction came into effect around mid december. All along it was for the few large clienta left. While the povo was left w 15 days to familarize themselves

  2. Edmund

    It’s a welcome move. It will help reduce corruption that often is a huge risk with face to face interaction

  3. Tonderai

    The online tax clearance system was only activated on 5-Dec-2015 and it’s been overwhelmed to the point that clients have had to get manually processed clearances.

  4. Ngonidzashe Sibanda

    Its a welcome development and saves a lot of time.

  5. ndaizivei gutu

    hw to clear my shop