Bitcoin startup, Bitmari organises event to discuss the service’s potential in Zimbabwe

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Sometime last year, we talked about Bitmari, a new Bitcoin-based money remittance startup for the African market which had shared its plans to introduce its service to Zimbabweans with some applications specific to the country.

In the past few months, it has carried out pre-launch sign-ups and the service is now in its beta-testing phase. Despite having laid most of the groundwork the startup is yet to launch the service locally, having encountered delays because of the necessary regulatory hoops that entities have to jump through to enter Zimbabwean financial services.

While all of that is still being finalised the Bitmari team is sharing as much information as possible on its service and how Bitcoin, its key driver actually works.

On Thursday the 28th of January 2016, there will be a Bitmari Meet-and-Greet at the Rainbow Towers in Harare. Starting at 5.30 pm the event(which is open to the public) is meant to offer interested parties an opportunity to learn more about BitMari and Bitcoin with an emphasis on exploring the opportunities that can come from using the service.

Sinclair Skinner, the co-founder of BitMari is also going to be there, sharing more information on how Bitmari is expected to complement the local financial service scene.

The event will hopefully go a long way in addressing the numerous questions that Zimbabweans have had about the trustworthiness of cryptocurrency solutions in the local environment.


  1. G

    with the current uncertainty in bitcoin’s long term viability plus the complexity of bitcoin transactions for the ordinary man/woman on the street i doubt that Zimbabwe is ready for bitcoin, although one could argue that the lack of a local currency could be a factor that one can say actually makes zimbabwe a good candidate for bitcoin. mixed bag hope they succeed especially if they can create blockchain technology for banks in zimbabwe to use for their inhouse bank clearance e.t.c

  2. tinm@n

    Wrong economy. Wrong people.

    1. Zimbo

      Techies are usually not very good at discerning opportunity instead focus on doom logic and fear.

      1. tinm@n

        Narrow-minded people usually apply stereotypes

  3. nelson

    Well its a step foward towards development in the financial world

  4. Plax

    This is a very positive step, i for one have been struggling to get a bitcoin debit visa or master card. i hope they bring that along just like the ecocash mastercard. hands up Zim is techno savvy!!!

  5. Bitcoin

    Bitcoin inobereka maprofits akanaka. Uye unoimanager wega pasina tsaona uye muchenje