NetOne places a data cap on its social media bundles

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A couple of months ago NetOne, the country’s second-largest mobile operator, introduced Twitter bundles to complement its existing social media bundle lineup and give additional value for its mobile broadband consumers.

This was also meant to give NetOne some form of product distinction in addition to the fact that the mobile operator has been offering its bundles without any form of data caps. It turns out that last bit has changed.

NetOne has effected a data cap on its social media bundles, meaning that the access windows for each of the bundles bought don’t give subscribers unlimited access to the respective platforms during that period.

So if you buy a weekly bundle for Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp, there will be a data cap during that period. The data caps are not clearly specified in any of the adverts being flighted for the bundles, neither are they highlighted in any terms and conditions before you pay for the packages. You are, however, informed of how much data you have after buying the bundle.


If NetOne’s concept of capped packages for unlimited bundles seems off, just bear in mind that it’s actually a delayed response from NetOne. Econet and Telecel have these caps on their own social media bundles, something that seems to follow a marked increase in subscriber numbers and data use.

Broadband subscribers have access to a lot of content that uses up a lot of data, what with the way social media has turned video consumption into its best friend. If you pair that with NetOne’s increasing subscribers and some effect of LTE use, then some caps were bound to come up as a suggestion for handling data use.

The problem, however, is in the failure to disclose some of this information. POTRAZ, the regulator, is supposed to be working on a framework that supports subscriber interest and full disclosure from operators and service providers. let’s just hope it also considers cases like this.

In the meantime, just know that anything that offers an “all you can eat” proposition or unlimited from any provider isn’t always what it seems.


  1. Allaz

    Econet and Telecel capping are different though. Econet lets you continue chatting, even when your download cap is reached – text is still unlimited. Telecel however cuts you off outright. Can you guys put a note on how Net One handles that one? would love to see that comparison.

  2. maays

    this is so stupid cappin the bundles

  3. T

    No its not everywhere even in west they operate on caps otherwise people will destroy profit margins

    1. Silas

      Capping is not the writer’s issue if you read this article properly but not telling users about the cap is the issues. This is a very short article and please read before commenting.

  4. Anonymous

    pliz capping bundles is not a solution to …
    so stop that u ar the leading network
    restore our unlimited bundles pliz

  5. Subscriber

    How can you have unlimited bundles when you have given the company limited money. They are in business & what they do is making business sense