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At some point, self-care and customer care applications weren’t that much of a big deal in Zimbabwe. After all, mobile internet wasn’t that prolific. But, things are changing with the increasing access to mobile broadband and a growing appreciation of apps.

It’s not surprising that the leading provider of mobile broadband, Econet Wireless has launched its own self-care app. Called My Econet, this is meant to be Econet’s attempt at offering prepaid subscribers access to their accounts through a simplified gateway to a bouquet of services.

There are only so many names you can give self-care apps, but when you hear the My Econet app name, it’s easy to think of the myZOL app which was launched by ZOL Zimbabwe, a local internet provider and Econet affiliate.

The app is available for Android and iOS and we had a chance to play around with the Android version which can be downloaded on Google Play by following this link.

Downloading the app won’t burn a hole in your data balance (it’s a mere 4.2 MB in size) and Econet was smart enough to zero rate access to the app.

Once you download it and register your number, you can, through a grid made up of tiles that represent different options, access services that pretty much sum up the Econet prepaid experience.

Econet, My Econet, Android Apps

Some of the services accessible to subscribers include checking balances; buying bundles for data services; effortlessly activating or deactivating services like voicemail, roaming, missed call alerts and ring back tones; airtime transfer, over-scratched card redemption, accessing online support services, getting directions to Econet shops and checking out the latest Econet promotions.

For good measure, the terms and conditions of using the app have been included, along with contact details as well as standard but grey features like info about Econet and a feature for sharing the app on social media (which wasn’t responsive when I tried to use it)

My Econet, Econet Zim, Android App

Besides the lack of integration with EcoCash, the frustration of an occasional freeze and the inability to navigate back to the home screen using the traditional device keys (you have to tap on the back arrow, which isn’t instinctive) Econet appears to have developed a useful tool with this app.

I think the access to Econet’s online chat is a big deal, not only because self-care apps are supposed to deliver that one major feature, but because for Econet customer care, that appears to be the easiest channel to get help on.

My Econet App, Econet Zim

Interestingly the app has a view of social media feeds on all things Econet which had some feedback from customers airing their grievances. As much as that might be a sobering page to look at for Econet when it’s laced with angry comments, it helps subscribers know when a challenge they are facing is common for all subscribers.

It’s an extension of social media and as such Econet should embrace it for such functionality. Hopefully future iterations of the app will do more than just offer a glance, and give users an option to report features outside the online feature.

Econet and every other Zimbabwean company that is going to jump onto the self-care app bandwagon should remember that at the end of the day these apps should be tools that enhance customer care, not substitute it.

It’s a cool app, but it becomes a great tool when the company responds to queries, explains service outages (Econet has been fraught with those lately) and use information gathered to make product and service improvement decisions.


  1. Moleen marufu

    My kind of app.

  2. Gedion Moyo

    A step in the right direction. Just some minor UI and UX improvements and you have yourself a great app. So much potential!

  3. econet sms sucks

    can this app stop all the crap sms messages i get from econet every day?

  4. Me

    Hey you guys at Techzim since yesterday when you made changes to your website whenever I view the articles from my mobile phone the article is not showing in full as the right hand side is partly cut, even if I try zooming it’s not helping . I don’t know if it’s got to do with my phone settings or if it’s happening to a lot other people also

    1. TheKing

      The site does not present well on G-Tide phones

    2. L.S.M Kabweza

      Sorry about that. It’s an issues with old Opera Mini browsers and we working on a fix. Should be good in a bit.

    3. L.S.M Kabweza

      Should be fine now. Please check again and kindly let us know if it’s ok now. Thanks a mil for the feedback.

      1. Me

        Yes it’s now displaying much better. Thank you

  5. ch ris mb eri

    Sorry I digress.
    Has anyone heard from Saith Technologies
    Why I ask… Zimbabwe needs to know whats real and whats not by putting a finality to this and be able to handle future claims better.
    Again I apologize for digressing

    1. BlackPower

      I was surprised last week when the government ‘did a deal’ for manufacturing cars with some random Italians when Saith are doing electric cars right here.

      Surely Herald should’ve been screaming ‘Watch Out Tesla!’, but, like all other miracles, they also miraculously went quiet.

  6. Sinclair

    Well the app crashes constantly whatever I try to do.. nope it will have to mature a bit

  7. all1

    Awesome app for me, now i can buy internet bundle for my 3G elitepad tablet without having to perform the tiring process of removing and transferring the sim card to my phone and then putting it back.

  8. ic0n1c

    “Econet was smart enough to zero rate access to the app”


    1. Anonymous

      Yes really 😉

  9. lovejoy

    this app is not zero rated.i have used it well on wifi and data bundles but trying to use it without any bundles,it doesnt do anything.its acting more like the official ecocash app that needa data bundles to work.they need to reconsider that considering they are running binu on zero rate very well

  10. cossy

    ,my econet ,my world you keep us fly despite of network failure coverage in some areas,thank you