First impressions of the new GTeL Customer Care App

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Customer care is dead in this country. That might sound like a generalisation of things, but if you’ve tried the various providers we have for different services and received the same sort of bad service from every shop, you get an impression that it’s all bad really.

The countless cases of poor customer care from local businesses and service providers aren’t the topic here, though. The GTeL Customer Care App is.

This is the latest from the local phone brand/distributor, which has been very busy lately, from product launches to a race for the African mobile market.

Available on Google Play, (GTeL devices are Android) this application’s Beta version is the latest creation to come out of GteL and looks like it has been designed to offer extended customer care and support for GTeL users.

So what does the App offer?

GTeL has used this app as a hub for information that the average GTeL user will reach out for at some point or another.

GTeL-App-2This includes services like the location of the nearest GTeL store (so self-serving of GTeL there, but smart), responses to FAQs (that’s a given in support app development though), phone information, ways for reporting a stolen phone, a parts catalogue for your specific device, a way to follow up on a device being serviced, a feature for tracking a lost phone and some things we have forgotten in mobile tech like a manual.



Will this whole Customer Care App approach work in offering a better experience for GTeL users? It depends on what you call your phone distributor for really. The app looks like it will answer a lot of questions that you might have and give you remote access to some of that tech support you ordinarily crave for in this modern world.

However, there are other issues that it seems to be overlooking. The fact that it is only available for GTeL devices means I can’t access my “GTeL Account” from another device when I want to get support for it. If my phone happens to develop problems that prevent me from accessing it, I’ll still have to go to a real GTeL customer care agent.

Once again GTeL is earning points for effort in the right areas here. Sure, there might be some selfish motive because of the data gathered by GTeL (the app is a smart way of getting to know all GTeL users), but with more iteration based on feedback, this app could end up doing more for the brand as it figures out aspects of different markets.

In any case, it’s a notable effort at proving sceptics like me that there are some Zimbabwean companies and providers that still value customer care.


  1. macd chip

    “…..a feature for tracking a lost phone…”

    A very good feature considering how easy one can loose a phone. But…

    Does this feature works when the app is uninstalled?

    Me be of canning mindset thinks if l steal a GTel or any other high end phone, the first thing l will disable is mobile data, gps, uninstall any tracking or location apps.

    Does this app use data or gps location? What has GTel done to prevent people disabling this feature or app?

  2. Kevin Munzwa

    if you lose your phone, smartphone or dumb and you have the serial number and the phone is original with its own imei, just go straight to the Police and then your network provider. It will not take time for you to get your phone back as long as its in use, even formatted and installed with a new sim card

  3. njabulo

    how do i track repairs on ma 4n when dat app only works on gtel 4ns? so dat means l hv to have 2 gtel 4ns?

  4. Anonymous

    this doesn’t make sense, if people are not already using the pre-installed Android Device Manager how does Gtel expect they’ll use its app … besides, I trust Google over Gtel to deliver

  5. Boss t1

    i like the concept,,but they shuld make it support on other devices because some phone repairers would want to use the app to ask for the gtel parts while they using other devices

  6. tinashe zarangani

    i have left my phone with gtel kwekwe 3 months ago and have not yet hear from them since then .when will i expect my phone

  7. sox

    I am really worried about my stolen phone last week . please guys at gtel help me all the papers l submitted.

  8. neto emmanuel tagara

    is it possible to get my account statement on my email. we leave far from harare please assist