Econet offers subscribers free 50 MB of data in new broadband promo

Nigel Gambanga Avatar

If you are an Econet broadband subscriber you might have received this already. The network is sending broadband subscribers SMSes inviting them to use at least 10 MB of data (worth $1 at the Econet broadband bundles rates) in a day in order to get 50 MB of data. the more data you use, the more free data you get.

This 50 MB freebie is valid for 24 hours and the promotion is set to run until the 5th of October 2015. This essentially means $1 will get you 60 MB of mobile data. While freebies are always welcome, this latest giveaway is hardly as appealing as the other broadband packages and promos that Econet has been rolling out over the past few months.

This $1 for 60 MB promo is easily outshined by the $2 for 3 GB dream bundles and even the day bundles that have a 50cents for 50 MB offer. It does make more sense than the $2 – 50 MB bundle which exceeds standard data bundle expectations but is nowhere near what subscribers are now familiar with.

This new mini promo could, however, be another experiment by Econet meant to see how many broadband subscribers would be willing to give up a $1 just for another 50 MB.

After all, there is no harm in trying out new product and price fits, something that other operators are also having a go at with their mobile broadband services. In a world where data revenue is the future of ARPU growth, more and more of these promos are going to be trialed.


  1. EconetSkeptic

    so I ‘hot’ recharged with 50c worth of airtime and immediately converted it to daily bundles and I’ve used over 10mb but still nothing, do i really need to recharge with exactly $1+ to make it work?????

    1. Prince

      Dude It doesnt work with daily bundles. You need to buy the bundle on *140#

  2. jonas

    I am glad i am the first person to comment on your article on this very lovely promotion by Econet. Or at least i thought it was until something i am still coming to terms with happened today.

    I just called Econet customer care and had a very interesting conversation with their customer care consultant who i must say helped me take a life changing decision to finally say goodbye to my econet line today.

    Like any cost conscious person this morning i checked my balance and it registered in my mind that I had USD19 and 60MB, 50 MB courtesy of this promotion. When i received the SMS advising me of the free MB i felt very happy!

    I figured the USD19 voice airtime on my phone would last me til the end of month when my employer deposits $100 into my prepaid phone.

    Well the long and short of it is that as i write to you my balance is gone and the sad part is my Econet tells me my Iphone4 gobbled it all up within 1hr 30 minutes. Because i was out of bundle.

    The reason i am changing networks today is not because i am unhappy that they took my $15 in data charges in less than 2 hours, i made a few calls here and there.

    I have a right to be told that my bundle is finished and my phone is now using my main balance to recover data charges, so that i can make alternative arrangements. I feel robbed!

    The good thing is that i am not even angry, i feel happy that i have made this long over due move and will be advising my contacts to use my other line from tomorrow onwards.

    I know Econet may not lose sleep over my decision, they need not to but i have moved on and that feels great! I still wish Econet the best and hope to move back when things change there.

    1. Allaz

      But I don’t see how changing from Econet will address that particular problem. The other networks don’t notify you either. And they DON’T offer any kind of discounted data like the Dream Bundles, the 250MB daily bundle or that new 50MB promotion – so you are paying full charge EVERY TIME. You would actually be worse off…

    2. Work4$

      Are you saying that the other networks will give you stuff for free or what, and where you downloading movies of what?

    3. CteeC

      I dont get it…what did Econet specifically do to you again that any other nework won’t? Seems you have a bone to chew with Steve Jobs rather. Or smartphone makers in general for making data hungry devices. Or app makers maybe?

  3. future

    they MUST make this permanent not a promo

  4. Skeptic3

    Sad that l have 200mb from my daily bundle and for most part of the day l can still not use it because there is no network or something similar. And l sure l will find my balance zero including my main account . Such is life the econet way.

  5. Wisey

    Iam usin a BB 9300 n I don worry abt data bcoz my 10mb lasts for a good week

  6. Dube

    Thank you to Telone Wifi at home and Work, i now use econet to receive calls only!

    1. Prince

      Oh! Lucky you, some of us still need data away from home and work.

  7. Prince

    This is a stupid promotion. Why on earth would I consciously buy 60MB for a dollar, when I can buy the daily bundle (*143#) at $1 for 250MB?

  8. Sagitarr

    This $2 for 3GB is all lies. You’ll get confirmation etc but actual data used will be no more than 100 MB. I tried it end of Aug between 8pm and 11pm and 3GB was gone – this must mean an incredible dld speed of over 290kbps. Had I downladed moves or updated my OS I wouldn’t be complaining. I use the $20 data bundle for 500MB over several nights without blowing my limit. Can EW explain this?

    1. Ini

      Here is a trick I tried, and its awesome. Bought the $2 for 3GB, went to the Econet Wifi zone by Fife Ave, and downloaded my torrents in 15mins yes 15mins. By the way Fife Ave shops now do 24hrs on Fridays……………….smiling all the way to the bundle.

      1. fourwallsinaroom

        will need to set some downloads and test this at eastgate wifi zone. 15 minutes is quicker than zol spot fibronics is doing

  9. Anonymous

    I Love Econet. if you do not like Econet well just ship out plain and simple and tell us who will give you so much data for those prices I challenge you all econet haters

  10. Malcom X

    50MB of Data costs R10 (US$0.71) in South Africa on CellC . These Zim companies are always fleecing customers and then blaming it on ZANU PF. By the way KFC Streetwise 2 meal costs avout R28 (US$2) in SA and the same meal costs US$4 in Zim!!