TelOne to introduce fax to email service

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Is a fax machine still a must have in the year 2015? I hardly didn’t think so, especially considering how the debate around telecoms has move from landline connections, party lines and “faxing important papers”, to a digital approach to almost everything.

But, it turns out there is life in fax services after all. Which explains why local telecoms operator, TelOne is working on a new fax to email service. This is according to some sources who also revealed that this is set to for launch within a month.

TelOne is said to be partnering with NGN Telecoms, a South African based telecoms VAS provider that has its hand in fixed and mobile services across 9 African countries and presence in Europe, North America and Asia.

To put it matter-of-factly, fax to email services are very common, and online fax services like efax and myfax come to mind. People who work in industries where faxing documents is still relevant (insurance, financial services, government departments) would appreciate this old to new tech handshake.

TelOne has been on a product and service offensive this year. In the first half of the year, it took a more deliberate route into broadband services with the launch of Fibre to The Home packages and WiFi hotspots. These have created a stringer presence for TelOne in home internet services and have allowed it to tap into mobile broadband.


  1. Gary

    Going to post this on here, have noticed for a while now, you may get the speed on Telone, but it takes ages for a page to load, especially Gmail?? Why is this when you are getting over 2 mbps on a speed test ?

    1. macd chip

      Because it was all hot air!!

      Or confirm that you are using fast dns servers.

      1. cool

        they only allow us to use their own name servers, I guese their billing system is in their name servers, such billing system is too old and can be hacked. unfortunately my router firmware is new so it means I only use dns obtained from isp regardless tht there is an option to manually set up backup name servers

        1. Gary

          I really think it is due to Telone being so overloaded during the working week, it simply cannot handle the traffic! Happens all the time in South Africa with Telkom. If you want the customer base Telone, please upgrade your system. Your Customer Base must be less than 1% compared to other Countries like South Africa.

    2. cool

      just discovered tht they mst hv set up speed limit per connection, coz I tried to download a small file direct (1 connection) max speed attained 11KB/s then I decided to use torrent (uses muilti connections) to confirm speed and I managed to get btwn 1.5 mbps-2mbps. I also reccommend u to use Internet download manager, believe it or not u will get max speed u get on speedtest site

  2. macd chip

    My first reaction was exactly that, then l remembered that even our accountants stick to their fax machine like glue, and they use it religiously to fax banks stuff.

    Some things just refuse to die, just like RIP protocol even though the use is very limited.

  3. kilotango

    wow, i read this article and immediately felt dizzy as i went back to 2001