Quick picks from the recent Samsung products launch

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What’s the best Android phone or phablet to get right now? That question just got a bit trickier to answer. Samsung recently launched a series of devices from its stable. Even though the Android community is already hungover from the Samsung product blitz the event didn’t gather as much hype as an Apple launch.

Even though the Android community is already hungover from the Samsung product blitz the event didn’t gather as much hype as an Apple launch. That’s not to say the devices aren’t awesome. A look at what was unveiled shows an impressive Samsung lineup that follows closely behind the S6 Edge.

So what’s new from Samsung?

There’s the Galaxy S6 Edge+ “phablet”, a follow-up of the Galaxy S6 Edge. The main change from the younger sibling is a much larger 5.7-inch screen, 4Gb RAM from 3GB, faster wireless charging, and longer lasting battery. Speculation is that this model is meant to compete with the iPhone 6S+ a venture into phablets, which is 5.5 inches.

s6-edge+ s6Edge

Another major highlight is the next series Galaxy Note 5, which comes with a 5.7-inch (same as Note 3 & 4) QHD display, 4GB RAM, 32 and 64GB Memory, Exynos processor, 16MP rear and 5 MP secondary camera, fingerprint sensor, the stylus (naturally) and a host of other pumped up features and sensors. In fact, the two devices have more or less the same features if you really look at it.

note 5

Samsung follows the developing mobile payments frenzy releasing its Samsung Pay, to be available shortly. Neat features include the fingerprint authentication and the now ordinary NFC. A peculiar development is the mag strip emulation ability that basically allows the device (Edge 6+ and Note 5) to act like an ATM card, perhaps conscious of the third world models in mobile

A physical keyboard attachable to the two flagships screens is another product released at the launch. It is basically the old tap keyboard on touch screen phones. It sits on the screen and is pressed as if it were the normal physical keyboard as opposed to the user actually touching the screen. Other than protecting the screen and giving it a longer lifespan and off course the quick access dialer, I personally cannot understand how this could be huge enough for Samsung to make and not some accessories company in China.



s6edge keyboard


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  1. SoTypME

    Ok, I’m a Samsung fan, but the physical keyboard thingy sounds silly

  2. Ushe

    As silly as it may sound, some trend-groupies will be delighted to have access to one!

    1. SoTypME

      Kkk, I guess. There’s always a market for every product out there.

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  4. Abba lupiya

    Well done samsung

  5. macd chip

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  6. macd chip

    So you are now censoring comments!! That what happens when individuals feel threatened.