EcoCash related App, MobiLedger gets tweaked, now offers bill scheduling

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Remember the MobiLedger App that we talked about earlier this year? This was the mobile money Android app developed by Gedion Moyo, the guy who also worked on an EcoCash app.

Now, MobiLedger (available for download from this Google Play linkhas gone through some changes with a revamped User Interface and the introduction of a bill scheduling feature.

Mobiledger was introduced as an “accounting service” for mobile money, working specifically for EcoCash. The app lets you keep track of all your transactions, record your m-money financial history and categorise different uses of your mobile funds.

Besides the latest changes to the MobiLedger UI, there’s the transaction scheduling function that gives users an option to  automate bill payments that you make regularly through your mobile wallet. The same function can be used for money that is sent regularly to individual EcoCash users.

Merchant payments and regulars like DStv or fees can be scheduled by setting a due date when the payment is due. When the date arrives, an alarm is set off and you can select, by tapping on the notification, whether a payment should be made or the notification should just be dismissed.

If an automated payment is approved, the USSD codes for the transaction will be run in the background with a prompt for the subscriber’s PIN. There is no limit on the transactions that can be scheduled set by the app, this limit is set by the phone’s memory.

MobiLedger started off as an EcoCash only app, but it has been extended to Telecash with this new update still being tested for use on the Telecash wallet.


  1. Allaz

    AHEM… pardon me sir , but these things USUALLY end with a link to the app/service which the article is about…..

    1. Nigel Gambanga

      Oops, had overlooked that one important detail! Thanks for letting us know. The link is now available.

  2. Allaz

    Awesome – made immediate use of it.

  3. Chris Hanyane

    Nice to see traction in app dev. Wish the old boy luck.

    1. Gedion Moyo

      lol, thank you young man 🙂

  4. Allaz

    Just installed the app – and as soon as I did, it already listed two transactions that I did earlier in the week. So looks like it basically works by reading the SMS confirmations that I get from Econet – and then displaying them in its own interface. INGENIOUS!!! But it can get misleading if you happen to put your sim card in another handset, make some transaction there and then go back to your usual device. So just be aware of that – but otherwise WOW – REAL NICE APP!

    1. Gedion Moyo

      Hey Allaz, you are on point! And thank you for trying the app. It’s just a hobby thingy, but hope it can add more value to your financial world 🙂

      1. Allaz

        Can’t wait to see your telecash version too. Really like the interface/design – its already saved me wasting cents on balance inquiry.

      2. Buffdaddy

        Gedion why don’t you try to monetize this app and this Africa wide and look at providing m-peas solutions too. There are a billion people in Africa. You just need two million to buy your app at $2 a pop and it will become a business. I’d be happy to invest in an app like this if you have that vision.

  5. Cruncher

    I love the app. Especially when you want to account for frequent funds received from my debtors.

    Great work!

    1. Gedion Moyo

      Glad to hear, thank you 😉

  6. Castro

    Wish Mr Moyo can do an ios version of the app. seeing its only on Android.

  7. Ring’az

    Nyc Work Mr Moyo