@AnonZW outfit claiming responsibility for tengai.co.zw hack issues press release

Victor Mukandatsama Avatar

We have just received communication from individual(s) purporting to be proponents of the tengai.co.zw hack. Signed as @AnonZW with the subject “Anonymous Zimbabwe Tengai Attack Press Release(1)” , the yet unknown hackers have led us to what is supposed to be a press release through the anonymous sharing Cryptabyte service.

Unfortunately, we could not access that particular thread and cannot confirm whether this is a simple prank or an actual reach out from the hackers themselves.

We are not sure whether the same communication has been sent to the owners of Tengai as they have not responded to our communication. It is not good for their business to acknowledge the development, of course; but they have as good as done that with a launch and maintenance scheduled in the same week.

The technical team could be facing a torrid time playing back and forth games with the perpetrators continuing to attack the site to make sure it does not go up again.

If this message is true and there is a press release out there to explain the hack, we could be seeing the first real attack on a Zimbabwean company over the idea of net neutrality and preferred services (my bytes are more equal than yours) to select members clearly defying this concept.

We would be glad to hear from @AnonZIM and possibly receive that Press release again to confirm this development.

[Updated with Cryptabyte screenshots failing to download the Press release in our initial attempts.] 

cryptobyte screenshot



  1. Anonymous Zimbabwe

    Cant even trust Techzim to release a simple press release !

    Find the press release at the url https://filetea.me/t1sicezUMOMSjueJQh5CVknIg


    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      Come on! You have conspiracy theories about everything now?

      Just send a link that works. https://filetea.me/default/t1sicezUMOMSjueJQh5CVknIg is not working!

      1. Anonymous Zimbabwe
        1. techstars

          Haha. Nice one!

          1. Anonymous


            lol AnonZW cant even use filesharing sites

            1. L.S.M Kabweza


      2. Anonymous Zimbabwe
        1. Anonymous

          I’m beginning to think you are just a bunch of script kiddies. Distributing press statements via pdf on file sharing sites. Seriously WTF

    2. tinm@n

      You’re a dumb lot. Especially that you left a trail that identifies you and then you stand on rooftops saying…”we are hackers”


      “no retreat and surrender?” …. WTF?!

      “We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect Us” <- That's Anonymous.

  2. KTP

    Malicious hacks of this nature are a crime – plain and simple. A criminal issuing a press statement about their subversive activities – what a joke! I hope techzim doesn’t give these cybercriminals publicity for their illegal tactics.

    1. Allaz

      I don’t know – I get where you coming from, but sometimes a righteous struggle can’t be ignored simply because it can’t be done in a perfectly legal and clean, by the book way. If it was like that, we would all still be calling the white man baaas. Sometimes guerrilla warfare is the only way – especially if a system is biased towards the big guy and hard on the underdog. Who will fight for him otherwise?

  3. KTP

    everyone has a right to protest but it must be a legitimate, legal protest. Imagine if everyone took the law into their own hands – we’d end up in complete and utter chaos. Lets not legitimize an illegal and malicious attempt of hacking. tengai didn’t break any laws by zero-rating their website. while some may disagree with the practice, it is not illegal. I think it will help to ignite a the local e-commerce ecosystem.

    1. Allaz

      Not legitimizing – just conceding that sometimes the cause is “bigger” than worrying about the legitimacy of the means as it were. I know there is no way to express that opinion without sounding like you are justifying a wrong – such issues only ever get accepted once the result is achieved. But just think EDWARD SNOWDED, BRADLEY MANNIG. They committed straight up TREASON against their country. But what they did had to be done – there simply was no other way. Only time will tell with this one.

      1. John. t

        Lol. Tengai is a local classifieds website that will help to stimulate online commerce in Zimbabwe.

        1. Allaz

          That’s the thing – will it really? or will it kill the rest of the classified websites business? Are we better off if YES we are all happily using tengai – but over time all the other alternatives go belly-up? And then Econet has that power – what’s the next move they would make upon realizing that they own the industry all to themselves. Will they still be thinking about spreading love and cheap access to every-man? Or will they be smelling blood now. I can’t even begin to answer any of that for myself – so I just cant bring myself to condemning these guys – not yet.

    2. Chibuku, International Beer

      Hondo yeChimurenga yaiva legitimate? Magara bhoo ka mu Zimbabwe maakuda kuziva ziva.
      Ukaenda ku court vs big ass corporation haulumi sha sha. panotoda guerilla tactics

  4. Sir T

    We want to see the press release

  5. @AnonZW

    Press release.

    It seems both Cryptabyte is having problems. Find the document at



    1. SoTypME

      A little dilemna here: should I download something in my machine coming straight from a known hacker?

  6. Great Listener

    If hacking doesn’t work, what will these cyberillas do next? kidnap and ransom Tenga directors for a press statement? what’s this final warning taunt…come on !

  7. @sh4dow4ka

    I noe who you are @AnonZw