Telecel introduces Super Voice Bundles, offers $1 for 60 minutes talktime

Victor Mukandatsama Avatar

Here’s something that hasn’t happened in a while – Telecel, the mobile network leader when it comes to Zimbabwean promos for voice communications, is turning up the heat on voice competition once again. This time its with new Super Voice Bundles.

The new bundles (available on the shortcode *156#) come in $1 and $2 denominations with the $1 giving prepaid subscribers 60 voice minutes and the $2 offering 200 voice minutes. According to Telecel the Super Voice Bundles will be available on promotion from 1 July 2015 until 30 September 2015. The $1 is valid for the period up to midnight of the day of purchase and the $2 going for 2 days up to the same time.

This new package is undoubtedly one of the best around and it goes head to head with the NetOne dollar a day promotion, except for the ability to buy a larger $2 denomination.

It also reeks of concerted efforts to lure back the subscribers that had been left with no option but to switch over to Econet and NetOne after the Telecel debacle earlier this year.

This package compliments the Bumper Value Cross-net Voice Bundles (CVB) which have almost run their course where subscribers got $1 for 10 minutes, $2 for 20 minutes and $5 for 50 minutes across networks.

Is this the first comeback play from the Red team?

Telecel has been undoubtedly at the colloquial ring corner warding off blows from all angles. First it had a tiff with the authorities over licencing and ended up with its licence (or whatever it was using) getting cancelled, and eventually getting reinstated after judiciary intervention.

The shareholders themselves also had a go at each other over how to handle the liquidation of sales, a situation that saw Jane Mutasa approaching the courts to stop the sale of up to 40% shares to Brainworks.

Even before all this started, Telecel had been losing subscribers, something attributed to cancellation of inactive lines and a tough environment that has people using less of that backup SIM card.

In all this, the competition has been getting fatter, particularly NetOne, from the easy pickings in the form of strayed subscribers. In the POTRAZ Report, Telecel had already dropped to third largest operator after state controlled NetOne.

It is no surprise then that Telecel, armed with the High Court interjection to continue operating, also appointed a new CEO and has now started dusting itself off by launching the Super Voice bundles promotion.


  1. blessed james hukuimwe

    Telecel is the best network provider in Zimbabwe. They have people at heart than Econet.

    1. Allaz

      Sure they have the people at heart – just as long as those people don’t know what THE INTERNET is. Still ZERO promotions on data until now, not even ka 5MB chaiko. They need to wake up – this is the data age.

  2. zizicks

    Eh Victor, I juss wanted to confirm if this so called ‘super voice bundle’ works across all networks or its jus telecel to telecel only….kindly clarify on tht.

  3. Wallace

    Super, as they might be, they still do not compare to that “dollar-a-day” NetOne promotion that offers subscribers, 30 minutes (peak) and unlimited (off-peak) talk time, and you stilll get to keep the dollar to call across networks at about $0.14 per minute.
    this is a step in the right direction though for Telecel.