Saith Technologies : What is the real innovation / invention?

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In a recent discussion of Saith Technologies’ “innovations”, a raging debate ensued about whether true innovations were indeed exhibited. In the interest of objectivity, we go through some of Saith Technologies claims and try to clear some misconceptions.

Greener Machine

One of Maxwell Sangulani’s claims is advancing the proven ability to generate electricity from radio frequency. By exposing undisclosed material (trade secreted) to radio frequencies, the Greener generator is able to harness the energy produced into usable electricity.

His claim is that he has advanced beyond the law of conservation of energy as commonly understood as equal transfer of energy from one form to another saying that this particular “discovery” shows the use of simple gel batteries in series of 220 volts producing a much higher output in electricity (500,000 Watts). We are not sure how this assertion can be dispelled and we hope at some forum scientist will put the claims to test.

Electric Vehicle

Maxwell did not invent the car. He imported the shell and went through the process, with artisans, of manufacturing the chassis and mounting the “engine”. The same power generation in the Greener generator is the one that is deployed in their Electric Vehicle.

The car does not require recharging from an electricity source. It requires just 5 regular gel batteries to start generating enough capacity to power the car and recharge the batteries (perpetual vehicle). Scientifically, perpetual motion says that once an object starts moving unless hindered by an external force, it will continue to move forever.

The pendulum in high school science is a close example. Sangulani, however, argues that perpetual motion devices use more energy than the output and that he has done the opposite; less energy for more output. For this reason (defying the known laws), according to him, his technology has not been able to file a patent worldwide.


With the helicopter however Maxwell claims that they have manufactured most of the craft locally after importing the carbon fibre cloth. He concedes that most of the electronic components are imported. Referring to how it looks similar to the Alibaba pictures, he says that they did not need to recreate the body but just used the common models in the same way you normally can’t tell the difference between a Boeing and Airbus (Boeing 777-8X and Airbus A350-900).

Several sections of the aircraft are visibly unpolished and Saith claims that other than the carbon fibre, most of the metallic parts are made with material from Aluminium Works and BSI Steel, Mica hardware and bolts from TNT Bolts. The transmission and mast attaching the engine to the rotor blades are powered by a go cart diff. The major innovation for Saith is the Fly-by-wire ability which they designed. FBW systems replace manual analogue flight control with electronic equipment making the aircraft lighter.


Maxwell claims the drone can be 100% autonomous after receiving instructions. According to him most drones available come with normal flight controllers but only a few have the autopilot ability. This particular autopilot software was imported from Canada. The company’s innovation is the ability to synchronise all the various components (motors, sensors, radar etc) electronically so that the drone can fly independently instructing and recalibrating itself depending on the terrain and weather conditions. It has a fail-safe mode of simply returning to base if systems fail.

Telecommunication and Surveillance solution

Maxwell developed a similar technology that was to be deployed at Brodacom called intelligent mesh network. It is a combination of self-organizing multiplexing base stations that can act as bridges or many to one or one to many transmitters and receivers.

The mesh uses multiple frequencies in the same LAN and intelligently between any points searches for the frequency that is free to send data and receive data different from the next frequency between the next points and so forth. The base station uses mostly Atheros processors. The resulting effect is an intelligent mesh solution that can bring huge carrying capacity and radius useful in Wi-Fi connectivity or for long distance one-to-one VPN connections.

It may be folly to dismiss Saith Technologies’ claims without stressing them and giving them a chance to prove themselves as we stand to lose ingenuity in a flurry of emotions and egos.  At the same time, it is also prudent to take the claims with a pinch of salt. Typical of any new developments in science, there is untold resistance some of it unintelligent. Besides experts, time usually has a way of proving or refuting such claims eventually.


  1. G

    well researched article, clears the air on a few misconceptions that where created in the first articles. great work from team SAITH. looking forward to more innovations and inventions.

    in the history of science the laws of science & physics are not exactly static, if someone comes with a better theory the previous assumptions or laws are refuted and the new is adopted.

    ask any physics student who did physic 101 on deriving formulars from theory and vice versa we deal with assumptions.

    many laws of physics have been found out not to hold when dealing with nano science.

    1. macd chip

      Well researched rubbish, it just add more speculation that either Victor have vested interest in this or he is a member of dellusional organisation behind all this.

      Whats with pictures? Anyboard with little mechanical background will tell you that there is nothing to show there!

      1. G

        i say well researched because we are being told what exactly he claims to have invented & what he didnt invent.

        i doubt he will be in a position to reveal how the invention works at this stage before he gets patents.

        but i think a video demonstration of the perpetual energy machine in a controlled environment is what is needed. to prove or disprove that invention or lack thereof.

        my greatest takeaway from this article is that i have clarity that he bought & assembled a car & then he added his green machine which is what he invented.

        the main invention of this guy is the green machine. the rest of the things he just introduced his green machine into all the other products on show.

        if proven to be true the perpetual energy generator will definitely be something that is revolutionary.

        1. macd chip

          Lets not forget he failed to register patents.

          Patent offices work by designed guidelines which follows laws of physics.

          How then is he going to register something which doesnt follow rules of physics

          1. G

            the challenge for me is does it work, if it works then getting a patent will eventually happen. the patenting process is a highly technical process so the onus is on them to provide the alternative theoretical framework to support their “invention”. i give them the benefit of the doubt for in Galelios time the earth was flat so any invention of phenomenon that defied this logic would have been viewed with suspicion. remember the laws of physics are static but its our understanding of the laws of physics that shifts to meet the reality. so whenever new phenomenon is discovered that negates our understanding of the laws of physics we alter our laws to meet the new phenomenon.

            1. macdchip

              The theoretical framework is the claim that its of spiritual inventions which defies laws of physics.

              How then can you register that to a patent which requires technical specifications not spiritual?

          2. Anonymous

            The Plan is to keep it as a tread secret. It is important to know that since this violet the known Laws of physics those who file patents will not know how to Patent it. Besides, there companies that have followed the trade secret route as that will protect the inventor from disclosing the components. With time, may be that can be considered, but as of now the route is to maintain trade secret.

    2. Anonymous

      Lies. I did physics and i can tell u tht no law i have learned so far was disproved

  2. Spika

    This article doesn’t do much to help explain the invention. The author is neither a tech writer nor a technical person. Instead of trying to cover all their products i would have been more helpful to write a review of one of their products.

    The “greener machine” is theoretically possible but impractical. So it’s possible but the argument is to what extent. Short of a demo it’s pointless to discuss it because none of us has put it to test. So we give them the benefit of the doubt.

    The main driver for the electric vehicle is pure hogwash. The explanation is contradictory. 5 regular gell batteries “greener machine” each producing 0.5MW power the car, charged by “radio frequencies” . The car itself uses less energy than it produces and therefore charges it’s own batteries. It defies the laws that on which it’s creation is based.

  3. kundai

    sorry to burst your bubble but the UAV technology described has been operation for quite some time what would be astounding would be the drone being controlled by an artificial neural network.

    as for the greener machine and the EV peer review by acredited scientists please.

  4. wolverinep

    “……….. for this reason (defying the known laws), according to him, his technology has not been able to file a patent worldwide’

    Academia has never been shy of a fight. Filing a patent is not a very difficult thing to do and it does not even matter if its scientifically or ‘spiritually’ correct or incorrect, you just claiming ownership of an idea/fact. And to standardize products, usually design processes and ideas are noted, verified, validated and proved viable. For safety and public consumption it is imperative that third parties also validated designs and products…..

    It would be nice if techzim stops dealing and writing all those claims, if they could have more ‘proofs’ from this guy. Einstein did something to Newton’s laws, why not follow suit.

  5. kilotango

    Victor maybe you can provide more info here:

    5x Gel Batteries (at 12v each) in series = 60v DC

    The 220V you’ve quoted, is that DC or AC?

    1. Will. S

      We cannot store AC in batteries because AC changes their polarity

  6. phineas chindomu

    sando kumurume uyu please, this guy is just genious go and see his products rather than argiung with the proper things at hand ask him guys and prove him wrong

    1. Tinashe

      Hatisi tese tinogara kuZimbabwe. Toda kuziva tiriko kunyika dzatinogara.

    2. Sodhindo

      wakaona pakunzi u need to go there.. pane nyaya. why not put ma blueprints akarotwa aya pa internet. kana akabva kuna mwari, saka ndee munhu wese, anogo vigirwei?

      1. macd chip

        Vanenge voda kunokurovera musaga sekitsi

  7. Tinashe

    “His claim is that he has advanced beyond the law of conservation of energy as commonly understood as equal transfer of energy from one form to another saying that this particular “discovery” shows the use of simple gel batteries in series of 220 volts producing a much higher output in electricity (500,000 Watts).” – No. Just no. You can’t create energy out of nothing. There’s a finite amount of energy in the universe (as far as everyone knows) and it’s incredibly unlikely that he’s figured out how to violate the first law of thermodynamics when there are countries spending billions of US dollars trying to understand the secrets of the universe.

    “The car does not require recharging from an electricity source. It requires just 5 regular gel batteries to start generating enough capacity to power the car and recharge the batteries (perpetual vehicle). Scientifically, perpetual motion says that once an object starts moving unless hindered by an external force, it will continue to move forever.” – Unfortunately, in reality there will *always* be an external force acting on his car. This force is called friction. Also, a car that size wouldn’t be able to gather enough energy from ambient radio radiation to power itself. Radio waves carry less energy than visible light. I suspect he’d be better off if he got miracle blueprints for better solar panels.

    “For this reason (defying the known laws), according to him, his technology has not been able to file a patent worldwide.” – Erm, patent number pls? At least we’d have one item of evidence to verify his claims.

    “The major innovation for Saith is the Fly-by-wire ability which they designed. FBW systems replace manual analogue flight control with electronic equipment making the aircraft lighter.” – Erm, unless he’s claiming he invented the ENTIRE concept of controlling aircraft using electronics, I’d be really curious to figure out how much better his system is. If he’s patented it, patent number pls. How is it better than what’s currently available?

    “The company’s innovation is the ability to synchronise all the various components (motors, sensors, radar etc) electronically so that the drone can fly independently instructing and recalibrating itself depending on the terrain and weather conditions.” – Doesn’t autopilot on planes do the same thing? Planes have had autopilot for years now. I suppose you could claim that autopilot can’t handle really bad weather and a pilot must intervene but I’d be really curious to learn what it is he’s done differently – even if it’s a qualitative technical description that doesn’t go into exact details.

    “The mesh uses multiple frequencies in the same LAN and intelligently between any points searches for the frequency that is free to send data and receive data different from the next frequency between the next points and so forth.” – I’m not an expert on telecoms but this sounds suspiciously like frequency hopping. Again, what exactly is the innovation?

    Look, the very fact that the global engineering community isn’t rushing to talk to him says a lot. If he bought all his things from China and just played with them a little bit and learnt one or two things, then he should say so. I doubt any Zimbabwean would actively want to pull him down if he came out with anything of consequence. At this point, it seems as though he’s trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes or his mentally ill. Maybe there’s a third option somewhere but it’s unlikely that any of what he made was a genuine innovation or invention. Believe me, if he’s right and produces supporting evidence (doesn’t need to go into 100% technical detail), I’d be willing to break the computer I’ve typed this on and concede that he was right all along. Share all your patent numbers; any new scientific concepts you’ve discovered or realised are wrong; or a white paper.

    Until then, I still call bull.

    1. kilotango

      To break it down more, ZESA’s power station in Harare produces 30MW. Max’s ‘device’ that fits inside a little car, allegedly produces 0.5MW using simple gel batteries somehow.

      this means that 60 of his devices would produce the same amount of power than the entire local thermal power station.

      i call this a publicity stunt.

    2. Bekezela

      Well written. I am a physicist and ya, you don’t break or even massage the LAW of conservation of energy. That just does not happen.

    3. munhu mutema

      Tinashe ndiwe une yese mudhara

    4. Dr M

      I so agree with you Tinashe. I unfortunately think we are being rational scientists in a world that believes in diesel gushing from rocks. The claims being made here are the stuff of Nobel prizes. Until one is awarded. I stand by to eat my keyboard.

    5. Jimminy Cricket

      All those who disagree with Tinashe, go for a copter ride in one of the claimants copters. If you trust him that much I’m sure it will not be a problem to prove it! 🙂

    6. Nyatimhenyu

      Am actually beginning to think its Zimbo thing, this indulgence and suffering of fools gladly. No wonder we are still the world’s laughing stock over the Diesel N’anga story.. Science is about rules and logic, finish and klaar. Logic is the only way that us non boffins and totally unscientific folk can follow technology.. Even rocket science follows logic.

      Maxwell must put his wacko claims to the test thru the patent process. All ( credible) inventors that I know have gladly submitted to this time honoured process. This should then logically result in Maxwell openly sharing his mysterious claims and demonstrating them scientifically .

      He has clearly convinced the gullible, gushing and clearly impressed Pastor Evan Mawarire ( see his Facebook page ) who has now gone onto to label us sceptics, ‘haters’. It appears they are surprised by our genuine requests for this whole scheme to rise above name dropping, bland statements and puerile hogwash.

      Lastly, the huge contradiction in Chikumbutso is his claim to being low profile and wanting to keep this thing on the low down. The guy in contrast is garrulous, conceited and busy peddling conspiracy theories.. he is anything but shy and retiring .

      Lets call this out for what , in the absence of cold hard facts is .. A SHAM!!

  8. Khal Drogo

    I disprove Saith claims, please techzim and readers just do a simple google on the EXEC162F helicopter and the BYD FO….lol

  9. Khal Drogo

    I disprove Saith claims, please techzim and readers just do a simple google search on the EXEC162F helicopter and the BYD FO….lol

    1. Ein101

      Asi you wanted him to design ndege yakafanana neZizi. Kkkk. As for the byd fo dai watanga waverenga kuti chii. This guy used an unlicensed body from Toyota to shell his design, just like the byd fo did using the byd f1 body. Ndo Loool chaiyo iyi.

  10. Ligwena

    Let the guy prove himself. Stop beating him down! If its bull, demonstration will call his bluff

  11. macd chip

    “…..His claim is that he has advanced beyond the law of conservation of energy as commonly understood…”

    For one to advance beyond the laws of physics it means you have to follow them and reach the limits. Then you start to build from that point up.

    But this guy claimed that his inventions does not follow laws of physics, so how did he advanced beyond what we already know.

    Just out of interest, does he drive a car, or does he need one at all since he can defy laws of physics?
    Such thinking of daydreaming and quick buck scams is what got us where Zimbabwe is today.

  12. Anonymous

    I appreciate the anxiety created by these products. Plesse know that the Laws of physics you are referring to were written by men. So Many can also break those Laws thats what Max have done. By the way those who write as authorities to test and prove the products. I m sorry that you can not test domething you are failing to understand. Are you sure you want to mark a maths exam when you literary are mathematcally illiterate. Godi ndo ririkushanda. Moyo wa Rwadzs nokuti madegree e engineering akaturikwa kumadziro asi hapa chaarikubudisa. Marks has done it by God’s grace. Instead yekuva negodo celebrate with Max.

    1. cool

      what do u think other nations will say after they hear us (zimbabweans) approbating somthing tht has been tested and proved not safe to implment? Besides we r trying to convince our dear brother to reveal safety, perfomance and durability of the mentioned products. If he wants us to approbate his innovations and inventions as he claims ,y not patent his products and release brueprint designs?

  13. cool

    I dont think his car will meet/pass safty certification standards , example charging 60volts battries with 500 000 watts output? their (battries) life span will b reduced by more than 100% and there is a chance for a car to catch fire on the move. my last question is how long (in km) did he test drive it? serious safety is top priority try to charge an aaa 1.5v remote battry with main electricity source at yo home mayb u will underand my point. Max dont tell me that 5 gel battries genarate 220 volts with out inverter ?

    1. Mr Fedza

      safety is good but from the invention of cars until now, how many hundreds of thousands of people we have lost through accident. People if you don’t understand something let those who understand go before you and you follow. PHDs

  14. Senator

    One of our own has done well,let’s not shoot him down,give him time to prove himself.I say this guy has been annointed by God to do what he did,i call his inventions Holy Spirit inspired,The Holy Spirit defies all the laws of physics and any other laws established by men.

    1. Sodhindo

      kwanai baba imi.
      tomboti ishuwa:
      – ngavaite ka ma video ane ma demonstration pa youtube.
      – ngavaise ma slides ano explainer magic yavo iyo.
      – ngavaitewo website ine photo gallery
      – ngavatiratiche chikopoko chichi bhururuka mudenga

      plus futi i dont think mwari anga tsamwa kana ma blueprints ake akaitwa public. Im sure ndo plan ya mwari vari kudenga. Max anongori vehicle, ngaasada kuita humbimbindoga nema blueprints edu.

      Moses wani aka sheya ma commandments. (kwaaa kusina youtube hako, but he did anyways).

      1. Josparado
      2. Josparado
    2. macd chip

      We know what he had done! Buying cheap stuff from China and rebranding it as his. Thats not a problem at all if he admits that.

      But what is wrong is trying to scam people by hidding behind spiritual dog poo and a whole legion of pastors lying behind him.

      1. macd chip

        Ende ndiwe une yese! Mozisi wakaburuka mugono mitemo ine gumi yakanyorwa padombo akachiipa kuvanhu, haana kuvanza zviratidzo zvake.

        Asi iyi nhubu ikuda kutiudza kuti wayo mwari haana izvozvo, anongoudza iye chete imi motevedzera.

    3. Mr Fedza

      That’s very true Senator, we are nation together, by now we were suppose to support the brother for the greater good of our country . If the products are going to fail, there is nothing wrong about it again. How many of them have failed in the world. Go Max Go

      1. macd chip

        Why is he bringing an unfinished product?

        We really support him if he comes clean about where he is getting his stuff and what changes he has made, everything nicely documented.

  15. justin

    I feel for the crook….He thought he might hit the jackpot with the con. Eish, times are tough

    1. Mr Fedza

      He had already because He is building some plans in Brazil and Angola. kkkkkkkkkkk

  16. justin

    Wazara was fooled by this guy and he lost Broadacom/ Spiritage. Zac thought we where in the spirit age, governed by miracled, when we where still in science age

    1. macd chip

      It worked on Wazara, now he is trying it at national level…

      Wazara wakazadzwa nemanyepo!!

  17. Lord Flacko

    akangoita zvikuitwa ne gtel. vanongotenga ku china voisa mazita avo then boom.. they have invented the stuff.

    1. macd chip

      Chandinofarira paGtel they never tried to hide where the products are coming for!

      Asi idzi nhumbu dziri kuri kuzviita vangwaru nekuda kuhwanda nezita remusiki. Wazara wakadyira kumatakanana akadai mari ikayeredzwa achingonzi musiki vati zvakati.

      1. Mr Fedza

        No one is hiding, the truth is being said ……………………..

        1. macd chip

          He cannot not prove it through normal channels. Show us docs, show us you assembling plants, show us your workers or helpers not church loons, give us glean a clean to your tech

          1. Mr Fedza

            you are trying to still that’s why you are pushing so hard to have some documents and full explanation. l know you

      2. Anonymous

        Because it was not original, the Microsonic energy device is original and can not be found anywhere. So this can not likened to Gtel

  18. Ein101

    I am amazed at how people are failing to point at the fact of the amount of energy free radio frequencies have when harnessed in bulk and at a very high speed. The result can amount to this design if the materials and technology is available. They is no perpetual motion, they is no less energy to more energy. The law of conservation of energy has not been breached and can never be breached.. All the electricity can be carefully worked back to the radio waves collected at even a specific efficiency.

  19. Anonymous

    Haha the whole thing is a scam the car, been in production in China for years. The helicopter is a kit unit that you assemble. And the drone and video transmission gear all built in China by alltech. What people do to try get fame

  20. zondi

    saith yatiitirawo zvimwe

  21. panenyayaapa

    Max needs to know that there is a difference between an inventor of something, and being a clever techy who can tinker around and reverse engineer a piece of hardware or software to make it do things not intended by the manufacturer e.g. jailbreaking an iPhone to make it run custom software. Right now the latter is what Max is doing. He grew up tinkering around with electronics and car engines so his knowledge of this existing tech is superior to the average Joe. Most of the details coming from Max such as fly by wire controls, helicopters aerodynamic forces, autopilot drones, self organising wireless networks were invented yonks ago nothing new there for Max to invent, yet he talks about them as though they were his inventions! This is why to this Max doesnt hold even one patent or even a 10th of a patent. From the youtube videos done by CMEDIA (nice production but misleading content!) there isn’t actually anything in there to scientifically support or even briefly explain how or even whether his invention works as claimed, just a so-so story about humble beginnings, visitation by GOD in his dreams with blueprints, then the shiny Chinese sourced cars and choppers clearly running on the powertrains they came with from Alibaba! It’s one thing to import those products and resell at a profit if the market exists in Zim for such products at the right price, it’s called importing/commodity broking. It’s not a scientific invention or a miracle Mac! However don’t go around strutting your stuff about micronic electronic devices and greener power machines whose basic architecture and workings you cannot scientifically explain when the questions start flying. That’s called fraudulent misrepresentation and of someone parts with money over that legally you cam get sued and criminalised for the rest of your life. Honestly thus lack of a patent on a such a potentially world changing invention where you get more energy from less is the clearest sign that Max and his fake pastor handlers are the fraud of the decade! Such an invention changes the world as we know it ie the end of the age of fossilfuel hydroelectric or nuclear powerered power stations and vehicles. Solar power hooked to this energy amplifier would be enough to power all homes businesses cars buses trucks trains aircraft and spacecraft indefinitely. man would be able to travel to the furthest galaxies and back with this endless energy source. The military applications would be mind-boggling. And you can’t get a patent for that???!!! Gerroudaherrre!!!

  22. form2

    The problem is Zimbabweans lack exposure.When they see this ten year old technologies that they have never seen they think its something. We are educated but lack exposure to technology. Sorry to burst your buble. Hapana zviripo apa. Electric cars use inonzi regenerative braking system. When you put your foot on the brake the motor continues to spin thereby generating electricity. You probably recover about 10-15% of that power. No thing new there. So much for Zanu Pf Rule.

    1. macd chip

      That is very correct and its happening in every sector of our economy. People just by because its cheap and looks new, no research done to validate the life span and durability of product being bought

  23. Wakizy

    techzim has really let me down here. I use to take their articles seriously. But now they are just like newsday. Zero research and no application of the mind.

  24. dhiziri@chinhoyi

    Another Nhava/Zivo laptop hoax. Techzim guys pliz itai serious. Check this article and you will see the similarities with this fraud

  25. purple

    Everything that this Charlatan has claimed is a google search away. Why is that special? I was learning about Fly by wire when I was doing Computer Science in high School and that was more than ten years ago. Now this dude claims to have developed it for aircraft use…seriously. So what have been Boeing, and other aircraft manufacturing companies been doing all these years…Chokwadi anofunga kuti mawing flaps eAirbus are controlled how…Saka it means right now mapilots anemasuru hombe?

  26. mubhau Phillip

    Poor techzim and Victor .Big up to Tinashe,macd-chip and others for packing the great croock.

  27. mubhau phillii

    Poor techzim and Victor .Big up to Tinashe,mcd-chip and others for packing the great croock.

  28. Hold on

    If I can just be devil’s advocate for a moment. Lets just try no matter how impossible to imagine kuti zveshuwa this energy amplifier does actually work. Lets for a moment write off Max’s launch of this device as a disaster in PR and blame it on his over eager pastor friends for not starting by providing empirical evidence that would silence the naysayers. Lets try imagine that what if indeed there is a “material” that Max has discovered that reacts to a certain microwave frequency by amplifying the amount of energy that the microwave emits and thus produces 20x or 50x more energy as output. Similar to nuclear physics, let’s assume this material has always existed but was simply waiting to be discovered or rather it’s a common material bit noone yet new it could react in that manner when exposed to a microwave emission at a certain frequency/wavelength. Is this not a possibility? Thermodynamics of course will tell us that if this material dies produce that much energy then at some point the material should run out the way uranium rods in a nuclear reactor eventually disintegrate after several years and have to be removed and safely disposed of. In that case I could force my disbelieving mind to consider the possibility of a great discovery here. It would explain Max’s reluctance to make the identity of this “material” common knowledge before a watertight patent registration because the impact of this device on the world would be cataclysmic. Western nations would offer billions if not trillions to get the key to this device. Zim Govt would probably compulsorily acquire Max’s intellectual property after declaring it a national resource. If indeed true this invention is way way way bigger than any of you techies could imagine. However that’s just me playing devil’s advicate…

    1. Hold on

      Hey Max how about this for empirical evidence. Approach Zesa/Zetdc harare, request that they allow you to embed your energy amplifying invention (probably quite a few of your GPM/MSED units required) into the Harare grid and supply power to the city for 30 days. Zesa/Zetdc would never say no to that. This is the type of empirical evidence that would validate your claims. EV Cars and Choppers are too far removed from the psyche of the masses but free magetsi for everyone in Harare for 30 days would set off the right spark. I challenge you to take it up what do you say Max!

      1. macd chip

        I will support that. We will also need 24/ 7 army guys to secure where his device will be installed.

        1. Mr Fedza

          and you think the army doesn’t know about this, that’s why they are quite

          1. macd chip

            They are quite because its a waste of their time!

            Why didnt he brought those from army who gave him a thump up if you say they did?

            1. Mr Fedza

              you are very limited, there is nothing of that kind can come on public without the knowledge of the President himself and the army l believe. which country are you from?

      2. Mr Fedza

        all of those people Have been there but He is not here to let go the power for free. People have to pay if they are paying to Zesa

        1. macd chip

          So god gave him a free vision, gave him all the manual for free, why should he sale something he got for free?

    2. Iniwo hangu

      nhai iwe if this “material” cant be disclosed how do we know its safe for the environment? is it radio active? is it explosive in reaction? kutoenda kwakaitwa ku expo who tested the environment kuti iri safe? guys there are a lot of aspects that need serious attention? are we saying we dont have institues in this country able to sit down and asses these inventions and endorse them?

  29. Op

    This man has done something commendable for the nation and it comes at a time when a certain Man of God has been talking bout this, in fact he has been preaching about this since 2014, “The Spirit of Invention”, I just extracted some writings from the facebook page of the church “””Throughout the Scripture, we see paradigm shifts occurring in the lives of the Bible greats after God revealed to them precisely how to go about an invention. For example Noah had a visitation from God, and was vividly shown how to go about constructing the ark in its entirety: “And this is the fashion which thou shalt make it of :…”( Genesis 6:15 KJV) The Ark was a masterpiece, and it all culminated from an idea that God released to Noah. Moses too, built the tabernacle using a design he received directly from God, and what a truly heavenly design it was; “According to all that I shew thee, after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the instruments thereof, even so shall ye make it.”(Exodus 25:9 KJV) “And look that thou make them after their pattern, which was shewed thee in the mount.” (Exodus 25:40 KJV)
    That is the mind of God to fill his children with His wisdom that is spoken of in the Scripture:
    “I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.” (Proverbs 8:12
    Every new concept emanates from the spirit realm, in other words, it is a product of the spirit. “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” (James 1:17 KJV) Your purpose will enable you to see beyond the boundaries of society and ensure you are a producer of a new product. In other words, it will be: A SPIRITUALLY INSPIRED ANSWER TO PHYSICAL NEEDS!””” You can read more for yourself my eyes have been opened by what this Ministry is talking about. I think it could help us all in evaluating this matter from a religious point of view…

    1. Iniwo hangu

      all these inventions hapana chaive secret about them and the purpose they were to serve was clear… non of them had secrets hezvino tonzi undisclosed material. hakuna zvakadaro. zvaMwari vanoisa pachena and tichida tisingade vanozviita so we will see how far this goes….

    2. macd chip

      Haiwawo! Man of god…

      What is great about buying flat packed bits from China and assemble it in Zim!

      Tell me one developed nation which has make it through guidance from these con artist man of go.

      Another one in West Africa authorised the expansion of his church because he talks to god. What happened, lives were lost he blamed it on terrorist to curry favour with US and Europe.

      Its only in Africa were pure diesel comes from rocks

      Its only in Africa where man of god are mistaken for engineers and great inventors.

      In a modern society, ask Gilbet Dheya what when he tried his “miracle babies” scam in UK

      You get prosecuted, and when the going gets tough, your god is no more and claim asylum. This is how scammers must be dealt with:

  30. I don’t to showbiz

    More claims yet again. Unsubstantiated no less! Please unsubscribe me from your page until you’re more or less scientific! As it stands, your articles are just paparazzi/gossip/showbiz! Reminds me of some articles I read some years back about refined diesel from a rock, and another about jatropha!

  31. Sukuma

    Fly by wire has been around for a long time and has nothing to do with powering an engine. During my career as an avionic design engineer, I contributed to avionic equipment now installed in civil aircraft to “fly by wire” – so even suggesting that this contributes to powering engines is hilarious.

  32. Hold on

    A Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG) has been invented by Paramahamsa Tewari, electrical engineer and former Executive Director of Nuclear Power Corporation of India. His background includes engineering project management for construction of nuclear power stations. The efficiency of models he has built, which have also been independently built and tested, is as high as 250%. The concept that efficiencies cannot be greater than 100% is due to an incomplete understanding of the properties of space. The second law of thermodynamics must be modified to account for the fact that space is not empty, as has been taught for the last 150 years. The RLG operates at what has been called “over unity.” Many experienced electrical engineers engaged in the manufacture of AC generators have independently tested the RLG and confirmed the efficiency ratings that I have observed. It’s time for the physicists to get out of the way and modify their theories while the engineers go about the business of design and production.

    The theory and mathematical models can be found at:

    1. macd chip

      Thank you Hold on, that is simple thing we are asking Max to do and make us proud Zimbo,

  33. Hold on

    If he can demonstrate his machine through empirical evidence and register as Tewari has managed to do, Max may surely have something here. Lets hope for all our sakes Max is right! It’s easier to write him off but let’s give him a chance to prove his GPM/MSED folks

  34. chipinge

    everything is possible,if you believe. Ko tinobhururuka nemaBroom neRusero wani, do you want demnstrations as well?Thats African science! far different from the rest of the world, we dont need partents to manufacture lightning. Keep it up Max,way to go…

    1. macd chip

      Max is not claiming African Science, he actually dislike it!

      Saka uri kusanganisa mukaka nemunyu.

  35. Charle

    what we need is demonstration of the working devices and a tour of the factory or wherever the place they made the things and how they did it, also they should make it clear about the things they made from scatch and the thing they got from suppliers, for example the drone, that thing is made up of different components such as mechanical moving parts, electrical components like printed circuits boards and softwares to control the thing what i would want to know is, among those components which ones exctly did they make and where did it all happen…
    then lastly about the green power, for me it dosen’t make any sense to argue the existance of such things infact there are a lot of things out there still to be discovered and if i personaly discovered something like that whether directly or indirectly from God i would not tell everyone untill i have demonstrated everything and make it clear to everyone i invented it and its proudly zim or african…
    It wont be cool to tell everyone the idea right now then later buy the finished product,s for example from the west… since they have enough resources they can easly impliment the idea before yu go anywhere…
    then continue laughing at Africa whilst shiping unwanted old cars to us….
    I can imagine if yu guys where there when the guy invented electricity or the light bulb!!!!
    Its only a mater of time, we will get the whole idea soon…..

    my opinion, demanding the method or fomula of this world changing discovery (IF ITS REAL)is simply not fair, even if he got it from God!! not until he or they are ready…
    I can not simply dream ideas for others to make money no no no!!!

  36. GodHelpUs

    This guy claims the designs were given by God! So he should not expect earthly Man to give him a patent. He should ask God to patent his inventions. God has also been giving him all the investment cash needed. Maybe God will instruct him to manufacture for free and hand out his products for free. GOD IS GREAT!

    1. macd chip

      I already buying your idea! ZvaMwari Musiki hazvitengeswe?

      1. Charle

        I really dont understand you guys…
        God gave me a shop its very big and its a succesfull bussiness, so arcoding to your demands, i now should give away everything in the shop for $0.00 ha?? since its from God!!! dont be selfish.

        1. macd chip

          Is this an example or reality??

          You build a shop and a business, for the business to be successful you have to work like a slave following best practises

          Business is all about profit.

      2. Mr Fedza

        kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fun ha, all medicine are not being sold

        1. macd chip

          The medicine do not rain or come from heaven!

          Thats why they are laboratories to test new finds, guine pigs for initial testing, factories to manufacture if it passes the testing phases.

          All the processes are well documented and follow strict procedures.

          No one just claims that they have a dream about medicine and go straight to manufacture and sell.

          1. Mr Fedza

            All the materials are also for free, you are joking and you are proving that you are not a businessman or an entrepreneur. Sorry you

  37. Real Fact
  38. Govathson

    this is great advancement in technology. thumbs up

    1. macd chip

      A second or should l say third best advancement in our country:

      First was diesel from led by chief geologist Retina Mavhunga.

      Second was instant weight loss led physiologist Makandiwa

      Now on third place chief technologist Max

      1. Anonymous

        Thank God for Max, God is at work.

  39. Ndini Wenyu

    OMG, so much mind energy has been spent on Max.. When will this story fade? Diesel from rocks eventually did. Someone ended with egg on face. I wonder whose face is going to be egged!!
    For those who quote religion to explain myths, Remember. There is a verse somewhere in the good book that speaks about false prophets.. magicians that will fool you!

  40. Simba

    Innovation well maybe yes, Invention I doubt, I did not read somewhere citing granted patent(s). These things have long been there and this guy is simply importing kits and assembling. On another note, this is really important for the industry particularly on the issue of import substitution. The Government should encourage more people to do local assembling to reduce the costs of the products particularly for consumables for the people not helicopters!

  41. Anonymous

    Simba, the Innovation is not the body of any of these things. The innovation is the Micro sonic energy device which generate electricity. The Car runs on the same technology. Let me stress that the issue of patents is not the inventor’s route. His route is to go trade secret route. Research on these two things and understand the implications of the two. There are many companies that goes the trade secret route. Coca-cola for example. There are other Pharmaceutical companies that register Trade Marks, and maintain trade secret.

  42. jake

    “Secret” material is Terfenol-D. It has some incredible properties!

  43. patient

    good work Max

  44. Prince

    So could we correctly assume this Bluff Hill factory does not have any ZESA, or hardly pays ZESA bill??

  45. Russell Chamunorwa Mazonde

    On drones -> I do DIY robotics and electronics for fun. What Max says he invented existed already. How do you think Ariel UAV drones used in sites like chenobyl and fukashima get the job done?

    1. Russell Chamunorwa Mazonde

      If you want evidence of autonomous flight with altitude handling check out the Hoverfly Big Sky. Drone developed by an american company. Fork out about $20k for the beast. It has autonomous flight control as well as waypoint mission programming i.e. you tell it the places you want it to go and it will do the task and come back. It also has auto landing. Sorry I just had to. 🙂

  46. Diverge

    eeeh vana gurwe varikuramba zvakaitwa naMax pliz musakumbire mablueprints emunhu ndeake…instead of lambasting this guy ask yourselves why God doesnt trust you with that kind of knowledge…the answer is simple its because you are foolish. Think big people..if his invention is real and we fellow zimbabweans start pulling him down like that how about other countries and the patenting body itself…lets unite and support this guy instead of discrediting him.
    The whole world must know about this.
    We need more guys like him who are determined to bring forth solutions. I would be very happy to see modern day physics get a facelift by a Black Zimbabwean .

  47. Diverge

    Some of you zimbos you dont want another zimbo to do what you have failed to do and for your own info that is pure witchcraft …dzidzai kusupporter vanogona makagara kumaterraces uko kwete kukanda matombo muground

  48. TechnologyEvangelist

    Time will tell……

  49. Ganga

    I have read all your comments, as an engineer I believe we should support the innovations from SAITH. At least it shows that they is a break through, lets give them time .I believe when you do a project after all the write ups you then demonstrate it , so will wait to see if the car will do as expected. The beauty of engineering is that you demonstrate your prototype to clear the air, for instance no one questions how cell phones work because we have them and we use them.

  50. Nyawera Cleopas

    For me , I give him a thumbs up for what some call rubbish. .
    This guy is involved in scientific experimentations of which is the beginning of our modern technological revolution.
    If you have better ideas , just go open your own company and show us the way,
    we are not going to write silly comments about you, you will definitely inspire many people. .

  51. jojola

    my dear brother u are a star

    1. Pat Butete

      Yep,the guy is a performer alright.An actor par excellence. I’d pay to watch him perform! 😀

  52. Pat Butete

    Fascinating read I must say!
    Perhaps some of you learned guys are missing the point?! Okay,hear me out. Check out the slick presentation and what it is portraying.Its presenting the man himself.The ‘inventions’ are secondary! What is on offer here is an exersize in self promotion.

  53. Jiffa

    Where is Saith located now?