Now that Windows 10 has been officially launched, here’s how to get it

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Windows 10 is finally officially on the market and we can all do away with our Windows Insider previews and collect participation fees from Microsoft, well more or less.

More than 5 million users worldwide have actively and passively contributed to the final build officially released today from Redmond mainly through the Insider Program. We have already talked about some of the features, but in case you want to try out the new service, here’s how you can access it.

How to get Windows 10

Windows 10 is available in 190 countries as a free upgrade for genuine Windows 7 and 8 installations for at least one year after launch. To reserve a copy simply visit the Windows 10 upgrade page . Those that have reserved a copy will get notifications that their download is ready in varying phases meant to manage internet traffic. We can confirm that users locally on the Insider Program began getting the full version yesterday. Business customers will only be able to download their editions from the 1st of August.

Alternatively, Windows 7 (SP1) and 8.1 users who are up to date will also automatically see a “Get Windows 10” notification on the task bar. If you are a few updates behind on both you will need to upgrade to the latest before the Get Windows 10 app can work. From there, you are as good as subscribed for Windows 10 upgrade once available.

If you are on older Windows versions (can’t imagine how and why, unless if it’s the classic XP) you will need to fork out nearly $200 to get a copy in addition to the probable cost of upgrading your hardware to meet the minimum requirements.

Windows 10 by default will force auto updates. You might want to watch out for unexpected data munching when you hook onto an internet connection. Windows Insiders will continue to get updates before the rest of users.

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  1. Not really

    Pa forcing updates apa. Think ill keep 8.1 until they solve that problem. Rigjt nw have a 2gb backlog im ignoring nt cz data is a problem bt with my net speed it cancels then restrts meaning i can loose 5g bec4 anything happens

    1. SoTypME

      I dont think THEY view it as a problem. Its a deliberate move to force people to get what they deem necessary updates for the system’s security and stability.

      1. fourwallsinaroom

        On enterprise you can control indefinitely. With Pro you can postpone updates

    2. Anonymous 2

      I just downloaded W10 and while messing about, I learned of the ability to set a WiFi network as a ‘metered connection’ (apparently also available in W8.1). Here is a copy paste of what that means for updates and OS data use:
      If a wireless network is set as a metered connection, then:
      Any app that relies on an Internet connection to update or display info might be limited in the amount of data it can download or display.
      Windows Updates won’t automatically download over a metered connection (where charges may apply).
      Apps downloading from the Windows Store might be paused.
      Start screen and Start menu live tiles might stop updating.
      Offline files might not sync automatically.
      Ethernet network connections can’t be set to metered.

      This along with Microsoft climbing down a few rungs on the forced update issue might give some relief. But ultimately though, this and other reasons (cough, activation-cough!), I’ll have to go back to the now well tuned 8.1, at least until I can score a discount license before the deadline.

  2. fourwallsinaroom

    you missed what i think is a critical point.

    This will allow you to download for later use, or upgrade immediately without all the requisite updates. It will give access to both Home and Pro.
    Finally you can download 32, 64 or both 32 and 64 bit images for later use.
    To me this should have been in the article because it applies to most zimbos.

    “If you need to install or reinstall Windows 10, you can use the tools on this page to create your own installation media using either a USB flash drive or a DVD.
    Before you begin

    Make sure you have:
    An internet connection (internet service provider fees may apply).
    Sufficient data storage available on a computer, USB or external drive for the download.
    A blank USB or DVD (and DVD burner) with at least 4 GB of space if you want to create media. We recommend using a blank USB or blank DVD, because any content on it will be deleted.
    Read the System Requirements.
    If you will be installing the operating system for the first time, you will need your Windows product key (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx). For more information about product keys and when they are required, visit the FAQ page.
    For Enterprise editions please visit the Volume Licensing Service Center.
    Use the media creation tool to download Windows. This tool provides the best download experience for customers running Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. To learn how to use the tool, go to the Installing Windows 10 using the media creation tool page. Tool includes:
    File formats optimized for download speed.
    Built in media creation options for USBs and DVDs.
    Optional conversion to ISO file format.”

  3. jerevita

    I think they back tracked on the forced updates thing. you might wanna confirm that. There was an outcry, and it seems Microsoft reconsidered.

  4. fourwallsinaroom

    So pulled down the Windows 10 Pro Install. Created the media and upgraded my Windows 7 installation. Everything was flawless but the upgrade took time. I would say between 30-45minutes. I did not time it exactly.
    I had not used the preview version so I had no idea what to expect. here are some thoughts and observations
    1. I do not know if the media creation tool supports download resume. Be careful.
    2. When the download is finished the app closes. I had to search for my iso. Eventually found it in c:\users\my documents\windows.iso
    3. Native resolution on my monitor – have not been able to get 1366×768 for whatever reason i am running at 1360×768. I do not think I will miss the six pixels so not the end of the world.
    4. This is an internet hungry os. Everything from the current weather to news so would recommend an unlimited package, definitely not dongle friendly. If you are using mifi set that to metered as above.
    5. Be sure to upgrade first. Carry out the upgrade online. Why is this important? It will allow you to do a fresh install on that machine later, It will never ask for activation or product key as your machine will have generated a unique identifier based on hardware.

    1. Anonymous 2

      On a side note, did you check out the new ‘Privacy’ agreement that’s coming soon? I thought I was being clever not turning Cortana on but after checking out the highlights, I see that no matter what, sticking with windows essentially means giving microsoft the right to collect and share virtually all my data! Fun times ahead!

      1. fourwallsinaroom

        When I installed Windows 10, I had control over what data to share with Microsoft. When the install is almost done select custom as opposed to express. There you can disable sharing of Advert ID, voice input, maps etc. Will look into the signing in with a windows id issue but my accounts are all local and so far no funny traffic on my firewall.

  5. frebba

    thats why i love kickass torrents. will download it there for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    1. fourwallsinaroom

      Frebba there is such a simple way to get windows 10 for free. As long as your PC has a SLIC certificate or is a major brand like Samsung, Lenovo, HP etc. Search around you will find it!

  6. Ushe

    Too much ooga booga, I’ll stick to my good ole Windows XP. They are forcing updates to keep control of us!