Telecel seeks judiciary intervention, takes licence issue to the High Court

Nigel Gambanga Avatar

Are you part of the crew rallying behind #SaveTelecel? We have learnt that in the latest development regarding the potential closure of Telecel, the mobile network operator has approached the High Court of Zimbabwe.

Telecel intends to secure a prohibitory order that will prevent the industry regulator, POTRAZ, from executing the cancelation of its operating licence.

This is the first official appeal registered by Telecel in the ongoing issue surrounding the cancellation of its licence. In this case, Telecel is exercising its right to seek an appeal from either the Minister of ICT or the judiciary. 

Two days ago, while addressing a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee, the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, emphasized how Telecel still held the right to seek an appeal and how it would be within his discretion to extend a lifeline to the mobile network operator.

The extent to which favourable conditions will be granted to Telecel also lies with the Minister, a situation which was played out last time when Telecel sought payment terms for the $137,5 million licence.

While all this is happening on the appellate side of things, representatives of Vimpelcom, Telcel’s foreign investor, had a meeting with the Minister of ICT yesterday. According to the Minister, the meeting was positive though no finer details regarding the outcomes have been shared officially.



    This is what they should have done the day POTRAZ wrote to them and then the press statements and social media campaigns could have followed. They seem to have put the cart before the horse.

  2. mwanamwana

    Well, if Telecel had stuck it out with their old partner Econet before ditching them for a license of their own they would not be facing such troubles. They ran away from court battles then and now are faced with them daily, they out of the pan and fell straight into the fire. Do an article on how much richer Telecel would be if they just remained Econet partners in crime than standing alone. hahahahahahahahahahahaha