Local IAP Telco rebrands, offers WiFi hotspot access at 50c & a $35 home package

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The new Telco website
The new Telco website

In our most recent review of local broadband prices, Telco, another internet access provider which provides Fibre and WiMAX solutions wasn’t part of the list. No information was available on Telco’s product suite at the time because the IAP had been working on a product and price review.

Now it looks like Telco is through with its rebranding. Operating under the name Velocity Broadband, Telco is offering new broadband packages as well Just like TelOne, it’s made an aggressive move for the mobile internet market.

According to the Telco WiFi hotspot website www.openaccess.co.zw (looks like they made clear distinction from the home broadband page because of the vouchers being sold here) there just under 50 hotspots in Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare and (surprise surprise) Victoria Falls. The hotspot total might not be anywhere close to what ZOL has done so far, but its interesting to note the attempt at having a national presence.

At 50c for 50MB it’s the cheapest low denomination WiFi on the market, but the prices aren’t as aggressively priced as the denominations go up. You can look at the WiFi breakdown below.

Voucher Price($US)Data Speeds of up toValidity (days)

So how does Telco home internet broadband aka velocity broadband stack up against the rest of the competition? The entry level broadband solution is set at $35 which is limited to 11GB of data that you can get at speeds of up to 5Mbps.

There are 3 other limited packages and 3 options for unlimited fibre based internet that range from $128 to $208. Just like the ZOL Fibroniks suite each internet package comes with a VoIP line, something that draws Telco one step close to being a triple threat in home internet (internet, VoIP and entertainment)

While we have tabled the broadband packages below, you can check out the new Telco product line on their website www.velocitybroadband.co.zw or on their Facebook page.

PackagePrice($US)Speeds of up to (Mbps)Data Cap (GB)
Velocity Stream199

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  1. Khal Drogo

    I think this time Telco have recruit the right guy who knows how to expand their online presence. From a local perspective http://www.telco.co.zw was ugliest website!!!