Econet sends instruction for canceling those mobile job alerts

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Econet SMS Alerts

Still hung up on those Mobile Job Alerts from Econet? Well, there’s no need to be anymore. The mobile network sent out messages with a very simple instruction for disabling the service.

Just send the word STOP to 33170 and you will receive an SMS confirming that you have been deregistered successfully.

We’d recently shared our concerns, along with other Zimbabweans about how the system wasn’t designed to allow a user to leave the Job Alerts service on their own. The other problem was how each SMS has a charge of 1 cent, a cost that you’d have to carry and still struggle to get out of. It turns out that Econet had a solution handy after all.

We don’t know if the same prompt will work for the other SMS Alerts that Econet, but so far this prompt seems to be working in silencing the Job Alert traffic.

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  1. Mhof

    Job alerts? I have not received any of those I propably would appreciate getting them. lol.