As local languages are added to EcoCash, lets hope an update of its App is coming

Nigel Gambanga Avatar

Listen to that…..silence. It seems like besides launching a group savings product, EcoCash has been rather quiet lately.

I say this not because I was a fan of the product blitzkrieg that its parent company Econet launched on its mobile money competition last year.  Far from it. Some of those EcoCash related products weren’t inspiring, but then again, like any other business, they had their reasons.

While we wait for the next big thing in mobile money from them (they deserve some credit for jumping in first) the “inspired team” has added local languages option to its EcoCash menu.

While it scores points for an argument for added inclusion, It’s one of those small changes that don’t alter the course of service provision. The service has been operating for years and raking in profits for Econet without this option, something that likely speaks to the literacy of Zimbabweans but also reflects why it’s only coming up now.

In any case, it’s already active and you can switch to either Shona or Ndebele (check under Wallet services on your menu).

Meanwhile, I hope that they get cracking at updating the EcoCash Android App. I think it’s one of the services that they got right and it would be great if all the changes they make to their USSD menu, (reintroducing Bundles of Joy, languages) are brought onto the app as well.


  1. Tawanda

    While they are updating the app, please allow it to use cents in payments!

    1. Tapiwa✓

      Does USSD menu allow sending of cents? If so, it shouldn’t be hard to create a 3rd party app that does that.

      The current (old) app is an Apache Cordova app (i.e. HTML + Javascript), which means reverse engineering it is pretty trivial 😉

      1. Tawanda

        USSD allows cents so the app should. If i owe someone $12.50, allow me to pay just that, not $13. The app is very convinient but it is annoying when it comes to that!

        1. Tapiwa✔

          Aha – the difference is you can enter cents in interactive USSD mode. The app creates a one-shot number to dial (say *143*0772123456*2*13#). It’s not possible to dial *143*0722123456*2*12.5# (look at the last set numbers). So it’s a technical limitation

  2. Mark

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