DStv Zimbabwe suspends payments via EcoCash, Telecash payments also disabled

Nigel Gambanga Avatar

MultiChoice-LogoDStv Zimbabwe has just announced that it has suspended payments through mobile money service EcoCash, something that ought to put a damper on any attempts at beating holiday queues through m-commerce convenience.

According to a post published on the DStv Facebook page, this temporary disruption has been caused by technical challenges and it is indefinite. In responses to questions asked in the comments section of the Facebook post, DStv Zimbabwe also pointed out that payments through Telecash are also suspended. This means that payment through the Telecash GoldCard and the EcoCash Master Card aren’t possible as well.

The only mobile money option that is still working is financial institution CABS’ Textacash, an option that might provide relief to its 300,000 plus subscriber base but still leaves the bulk of mobile money subscribers who use EcoCash and Telecash in a fix.

The traditional payment options, that is the financial institutions like CBZ Bank, NMB Bank, ZB Bank, Stanbic, Standard Chartered, Steward Bank, FBC Bank, Met Bank, CABS and POSB (and are now ironically becoming the alternative solutions) are still available. The biggest frustration there is the fact that banks aren’t as flexible in terms of operating hours, something that rules out payment over the holidays like Easter that starts tomorrow.

Still, if you have made a payment via Textacash and want to follow up n it this holiday, DStv Zimbabwe walk-ins will be open on Saturday until 2pm and there is the call centre option that you can access until 5pm.



  1. Magneto

    This is ridiculous DSTV! You expect to start going to queue in the banks again. Digital space in Zim is headed for liberalization – watch out my friends by June 2015!

  2. Black Swan

    A point to note in your article though is that most banks have mobile banking solutions that allow DStv payments, which takes away the inconvenience caused by limited opening hours.

    1. Chris

      This is a cash economy and people don’t keep money in the bank. People want o walk to an agent who opens till late some for even 24hrs, load up their mobile wallet and pay for services.. dead simple! I bought a CBZ smart card for the convenience of buying my Zesa but I’ve not used it since because I have to find a CBZ bank before 3pm. By the way did I mention there are only 3 branches the whole of Bulawayo and I leave 10km from CBD area.

      1. Anonymous

        CBZ smart card is free!

  3. Anonymous

    Sad to see all those Queques at the banks and the extra $3 you have to pay at Danclive for whatever you subscribe to

  4. Perfect

    Is the programm of paying dstv using ecocash back again.rpy me pliz on my email.