Press conference disrupted as Econet’s Nyambirai refuses to apologize for media raid

Nigel Gambanga Avatar

We’ve just come from a heated press conference, well an almost-press conference held by Steward Bank regarding the raid on media publication, The Source.

Tawanda Nyambirai, founder and former CEO of TN Bank which is now Steward Bank, was introduced as the legal head of the bank and spoke on behalf of the financial institution and was mobbed by the members of the local press.

Nyambirai refused to apologize for the raid on the offices of the Source¬†citing a violation of the privacy of client’s information. He argued that The Source refused to respect that privacy and stood by the actions that they as Steward Bank and Econet took.

The journalists who attended the press conference walked out of the press conference in protest and refused to entertain the Steward Bank side of the story calling for an apology.

This is a developing story. We will keep you updated.


  1. heraldinho

    The media, now part of the Mujuru cabal.

  2. Ini

    So journalists gagged Steward Bank so that the bank doesn’t present its side of the story, right? Wow! Guess what, we will never get to know of their side of the story……..coz some journalists disrupted a press conference. Very smart indeed.

    1. tinm@n

      Are you sure you know what gagging is?

      1. NotBlackAndWhiteButGray

        I’m sure he does (it does make sense)

        Do you?

        1. For2fy

          Watched the videos of the press conference. For a moment there, was actually afraid FOR Nyambirayi. That was an unrully mess of press reps. Yup, gagging. Almost literally.

          By the way, which one is Kabweza in the linked videos?

        2. tinm@n

          Wasnt a literal question.

          It’s not gagging.

  3. Guest

    Vanzwa butter, these Econet bullies. You can’t always have our way. They should now create their own publicity. They can set up their own media and call it EcoNews

  4. collen

    Nxaa Econews coming tawana pekutangira

  5. matapatira

    I think the media should give respect to receive respect. If steward bank sits on the wayside whilst confidential client information is clandestinely obtained and publicly displayed without their consent , no one will be safe in this country. that’s why the court order was given. give respect to receive respect

  6. SoTypMe

    As much as the media reps seemed to be ‘defending their own’, it also seems like it was done stupidly and unprofessionally. Should I also add ‘childishly’? It seems they approached the whole event with the impression that they had a chance to ‘right a wrong’. You dont press someone to apologize: otherwise what good would the apology actually be?

  7. TheKing

    Iye Nyambirai anopengawo, kuswera achinetsana nemaUBA asina bag

  8. francis

    If these guys were this vocal when it came to ZANU(PF) I would have respect for them ,I have never heard them ask for an apology from ZANU even when their rights are violated and Nyambirai wanted to explain their position ,but they did not give him give a chance.Remember press freedom does not mean violating my rights also

  9. Runya

    This is utter nonsense, they should have investigated who stole their files first, their files were stolen byu an insider and sold the story to Journalists, i’m sick of Bullies..