WhatsApp finally comes to the desktop. It’s a web app!

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WhatsApp WebIf you’re like us here, you’ve wished too many times for a dekstop based WhatsApp. It makes life so much easier for those that spend their day at a desk. Or just those that need to do a lot of WhatsApp stuff like administering groups.

So yes, it’s here. WhatsApp made the announcement on their blog earlier today. The desktopversion is actually a web version and not an actual desktop native application.  To access it WhatsApp sort of recommends that you use Google Chrome. You can find the app and connect your browser here: web.whatsapp.com.

We haven’t yet been able to make it work here at the office apparently something to do with version.  We have managed to get it working. You will need the latest version and and get inside WhatsApp itself on your phone, go to settings, and the scan the QR code on web.WhatsApp.com. But as soon as we do, we’ll let you know what the experience is like. If you manage to connect before us, please post your screenshots in the comments below!

Here’s a step by step on how to get it working in your browser.

In the mean time, we’re super excited to be going back to the days when Gtalk was the cool thing, except this time the app is on every device and it’s used by everyone we know!

Here’s the full announcement:

Today, for the first time, millions of you will have the ability to use WhatsApp on your web browser. Our web client is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device — this means all of your messages still live on your phone.

To connect your web browser to your WhatsApp client, simply openhttps://web.whatsapp.com in your Google Chrome browser. You will see a QR code — scan the code inside of WhatsApp, and you’re ready to go. You have now paired WhatsApp on your phone with the WhatsApp web client. Your phone needs to stay connected to the internet for our web client to work, and please make sure to install the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone. Unfortunately for now, we will not be able to provide web client to our iOS users due to Apple platform limitations.

We really hope you find web client useful in your everyday lives.


  1. Anonymous

    working quite well actually. try upgrade to latest version. WhatsApp 2.11.500

    1. Anonymous 2

      Whew! I’m not completely obsolete yet (running jelly bean). It’s working for me on version 2.11.498

  2. Garikai Dzoma

    Works great but it seems to require your phone to be connected to the internet at the same time!

  3. Dube

    Great news i can’t wait; is it stricly Google Chrome only or i can try my Safari or Firefox?

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      Try other browsers and let us know what happens?

      1. Anonymous 2

        Unfortunately it seems to be Chrome only for now. Here’s the message I got in Firefox “WhatsApp Web only works in Google Chrome. More browsers coming soon.”

  4. mupini

    Good move

  5. SoTypMe

    Please make it a desktop app like Viber! So I can access it on my work machine when my data runs out on my phone!

  6. Don

    help me please I dont have a smartphone how to I use this web app. Its telling me to scan the QR code

    1. Beatnyama

      You have to scan the QR code from within your WhatsApp. For that you need the latest version of WhatsApp.

  7. Anthony Somerset

    No iOS support just yet – i suspect the app update is still in review with apple

  8. fotchwaz

    handy move but ,does not replace or work if you are not already on whatsapp on your working mobile….so if iyou dont have a phone hapana hapana!!….

    1. Ashley Young

      unogoshaya foni sei mukore uno?

  9. fotchwaz

    handy move but ,does not replace or work if you are not already on whatsapp on your working mobile….so if you dont have a phone hapana hapana!!….

  10. Tapiwa

    Its not working on my phone, android system. I have the latest whatsapp version. It keeps on scanning. I have whatsapp bundle in my phone only, zero credit. I am thinking maybe for it to work it needs actual data in the phone not whatsapp bundles alone. Anyone who managed to connect with only whatsapp bundles in phone and zero credit?

    1. MOSES

      i am using whatsapp bundles right now and it works perfectly well

  11. w4e

    I just switched from Whatsapp+ to regular whatsapp version 2.11.505 (newer than the version existing when whatsapp web was launched).

    I am having no success with the scanning however. The phone just keeps on scanning. Anyone having a similar problem?

  12. w4e

    oh, I am on wifi not bundles so speed and data are good. It scans so much that i actually see the qr code change

  13. Chilmax

    its a wonderful idea. i just installed it

  14. Chanda Piwa

    I have got it to work easily first time. It appears to simply mirror the WhatsApp screen on the phone on to the laptop, thus enabling one to read and send chats. There is even a menu for notification of incoming chats. It reminds me of a Nokia suite that allowed one to send and receive text messages, and calls on the laptop screen. The phone has to be connected to WiFi or mobile data, and linked to the laptop by the scanning the CR code.