What happens when Netflix says it’s “coming to Africa”

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As you many know, on-demand internet streaming movie service, Netflix, announced it quarterly results this week. Growth in the US is slowing apparently, so Netflix is looking to outside its home to regain fast growth. Traditionally, something you’re probably super frustrated by if you’re in Africa, Netflix doesn’t allow much streaming outside the US and Canada. So those too keen to just leave it alone use all kinds of IP & DNS hacking tools look like they’re in the US.

What was interesting to me is that in Netflix’s announcement of results, they said by the end of 2016, they’d have expanded to 200 countries. In other words, they’ll remove the geolocking thing so anyone anywhere can subscribe. Down South however, this message was hear as “Netflix is coming to South Africa” and the headlines flew off the press:

It’s official: Netflix is coming to South Africa

Everything you need to know about Netflix coming to SA!

That’s how keen guys are to have MultiChoice’s DStv disrupted! it’s not just DStv of course that should start thinking about this thinking by Netflix: there’s iROKOTv, Buni, Wabona, Aflix, Wura etc… full list here. They say though that the big guy that comes from overseas, usually takes much longer to get the local market. On the ground preferences are usually easier for on the ground businesses to get.

So, yes! Netflix is coming to Zimbabwe 😉


  1. Duwayne Goddard

    There is nothing exciting about Netflix coming to Africa, for one i know that the shows and movies broadcast in the US are not the same in other regions, so you still get people in the UK for instance IP & DNS hacking tools. Being in Africa i’m sure we are going to be short changed really hard. The other thing i have found is Netflix is really over rated, the shows and movies offered are not really exciting, maybe its my taste but i find better watching on DSTV that on nextflix in terms of current shows. If Hulu was coming to Africa then i would be excited.
    The other thing is i’m sure it will end up more expensive getting African Nexflix than to get the US one at the end of the day.

    1. collen


    2. Tapiwa✔

      Netflix is really over rated, the shows and movies offered are not really exciting, maybe its my taste

      I agree – it’s probably your taste!

      Netflix is awesome *way* better than DSTv (for a fraction of the price of the decent bouquets). I stopped subscribing to DSTv and the only thing I miss are sports – but I can live with that. Not only did I drop DSTv, I even stopped torrenting (probably because Netflix is more convenient).

      Netflix has a huge catalog, maybe not the most up-to-date, but there probably is something for everyone, unless you want the latest season of the hot new series.

  2. chipaz

    I totally disagrtee with you. Netflix is the in-thing right now. Super HD quality on all movies and box sets. Ask Sky UK, the multi-billion pound company providing satellite TV to UK and ireland, they are sweating to regain huge tracts of lost movie market. for $5.99 a month you can binge watch millions of box sets, TV shows, Movies etc in picture quality that DSTV would only dream of. Only downside is Netflix is Data intensive. You need solid broadband like ZOL. I dont think Telone will manage to provide the data requirements needed

    1. Duwayne Goddard

      You are wrong on quality of movies. Netflix manages your video quality, you don’t choose SD or HD, their system decides for you, so through out a show you see it constantly moving between SD and HD quality. Even those that live in first world countries complain about the same thing:

      To your other point of “bing”, have you actually looked at Nextflix catalogue of shows? its pathetic to say the least. Maybe the box set thing is exciting, but i can download the whole series on kickass torrents and experience the same thing. I want you to go to nexflix right now and search for blue bloods, see what season their streaming then go to DSTV and see what season their streaming then come back to me.

      1. Tapiwa✔

        The video quality on Netflix (like anywhere else – even YouTube) depends on your bandwidth. Stream quality usually gets progressive improvement (SD within first 2-3 minutes for me, then HD until the end).

        How much does it cost to stream on DSTv vs. Netflix? When it comes to bang-for-the-buck, Netflix is head-and-shoulders (illegal downloads excepted). Netflix probably isn’t for you if you want the latest episode of specific shows. A Netflix user might not have access to Blue Bloods season X, but if they are generaly interested in Crime Drama, they can choose to instead (binge) watch Luther, The Sheild, Lie To Me, The Killing, Justified, The Bridge, White Collar, or Breaking Bad (among others). Netflix is more breadth than depth.

        1. Duwayne

          you say cost, DSTV $89. Netflix $8 plus $150 for bandwidth so no its not cheaper. Now to the point of Netflix taking over Dstv is a dream that will never come to pass . Netflix has existed for a while yet it still doesn’t have a huge market share because companies like comcast that offer tv to the masses nd not the select few with good Internet. Also the’re licence issues eg in Australia Netflix has blocked house of cards because a local cable/ satellite company has paid for the rights to broadcast that show. Don’t think I’m defending dstv all I’m saying is Netflix is not all its hyped up to be. I too have cancelled my Dstv and watch hulu, Netflix, popcorn time, xbmc etc.

          1. Tapiwa✓

            I already have an internet connection which I would never drop – DSTv or no DSTv, I don’t think it makes sense to bundle the bandwidth cost with Netflix ($7 – my account was grandfathered).

            Whatever your opinion on Netflix is, I do hope you appreciate its entry to Africa
            is a good thing. It will be the only viable legal competition to Dstv for distribution rights (popcorn time, hulu, torrents, or even Netflix today) do not provide significant competitive pressure to Multichoice. Also, Netflix is planing to have a single global catalog by 2016 (according to the linked article)

  3. The Engineer

    NETFLIX will destroy Dstv as simple as that.

    1. Ashley Young

      Rephrase to “I hope and pray that NETFLIX will destroy DSTV”

    2. G

      the guys at dstv have a video stream service already so as soon as the likes of netflix & hulu starting eating their market share they will just drop prices of their streaming service & sattelite service

      right now there is no need for them to do that since competition is still low. plus internet coverage and speed is still limited for video streaming

      they are milking it i bet u they have that contingency plans when the video streaming service become mainstream which is 2–3 years away

  4. blaz

    You all realize Netflix run on wifi ? So before you start imagining that it will be better than DSTV…You have to ask how it will get to your house.Our Crappy 4G or dismal ADSL not to mention our never available uncapped internet wont sustain it.In south Africa yes it will…Plus another thing Amazon Premier is better than Netflix which shows 2010 movies…

  5. Not naive

    People saying netflix will destroy DSTV are just ignorant or have never used it really. They hardly have sports which is whats important to people with Dstv, Barclays Premier League, Cricket, and Rugby etc. What people also don’t understand is to stream from netflix you going to need at least a 2mbs fibre connection. Good luck with that and our so called ISP’s ( Cough Cough ZOL)

    1. Nuendo

      Listen here in Ireland Netflix is distressing SKY it’s because Internet is too expensive there in South Africa or Zimbabwe so you will hardly get to enjoy it but take a trip here you will see how a beast Netflix is.

      1. Duwayne Goddard
        1. Nuendo

          Iwe Netflix is the in-thing right now to because unlimited internet you get it for 55EUROS, Sky is 80EUROS Including TV Bundle and with the thunderous unlimited 4G connection in your palms for 55EUROS why would you want Sky that’s why Sky is sweating plus with these smart TV you can open your hotspot connect to the TV Boom anything you want to watch for 55Euros now do the math!

          1. Duwayne Goddard

            its all nice and good but you are still getting ripped off:
            Netflix USA: 8575 movies/shows
            Netflix UK: 3176 movies/shows

  6. chigochamazizi

    the best are torrents! Netflix only has one show, House of Cards, which in itself is a remake of a British show. Everything else is crap.

  7. munya

    Competition is good for Africa. It brings down the prices, ups the creativity. I like Netflex l like their content.

  8. tomssko