Podcast: TelOne Broadband, biNu, Telecel subscribers, MoJo & Hellomukoma

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We are back again with the latest Techzim podcast covering all the stories that were topical in the past week.

Issues discussed in this podcast include the turnaround that TelOne is experiencing thanks to a focus on internet services, the continued dip in subscribers that Telecel has experienced for the three straight quarters, biNu’s return as a zero-rated service on Econet, the USSD based job service MoJo and the startup called Hellomukoma.

In this podcast’s we have another giveaway for any listener who can tell us the mobile network that is carrying the MoJo service. As always the answers to the question and comments to these topics are welcome in the section below.

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  1. NGoni

    Well, the network carrying the Mojo service is Netone.

    It’s definitely about Internet now, less than voice calls. Telecel is losing subscribers, and along with Netone, these MNOs haven’t made significant investments in Internet infrastructure. The game is shifting towards data usage.

    Now, that a lot of folks are accessing Internet via mobile devices, Telone needs to look into ways of providing mobile Wifi tht can be accessed on the go. That will be the game changer, I think. Fixed Internet is cool, but the target market is not huge compared to users on mobile devices.

  2. mwana wevhu

    please define 103% mobile penetration, because there are still network outages when in some rural areas which means having a second sim to keep connected. I have experienced call drops and error in connection and poor broadband reception while out of town so i am in the dark with understanding the 103 % figure, is it coverage or citizens connected? Secondly there is a reason why Telkom in South Africa sold their stake in Vodacom and stood on their own in getting a mobile license, which enabled Telkom to become a converged services provider where an ADSL/VDSL and fibre customer have mobile broadband and wifi access to their customers and the streaming services for tv. Also tell us about stuff like what the internet users are doing locally and internationally while online in terms of content being accessed online, this might motivate the growth of local content created as this would help in driving the cost of internet access down. Telone and Netone want to still operate as different entities which i think does not benefit them in the long run because if they merged or became one entity they could leverage the ADSL customers with the mobile customers and compete with the elephant(Econet,Liquid,ZOL) in the room from a position of strength rather than segmenting the market.

  3. tsc

    Personaly with telone ,I felt cheated when gave me a bill of 600 usd when currency changed, and where that bill came from still is puzzling.

  4. nompilo

    i use netone and i receive jobs on the line here in gwanda..its good because money to buy paper or know which website for job its difficult,so we thank netone for the jobs everday i receive

  5. Mojo

    hie,thank you for you insightful discussion.mojo is there to consolidate job information to remote areas ,even to those in urban areas.Our desire is to consolidate this resource called information as such reduce the cost of looking for a job,not only that but also to give hope to would be job seekers who in a market starved of opportunities are looking for a sign that at least there is some form of job creation,mojo is there to do that.
    the name mojo is derived from the street lingual to say vibe ,joy etc),as we strive to give hope(joy,mojo) to a young man in guruve or mutare`s bocha area looking for a job,but has no idea on what and where to look at this system is there to assist.

    the issue of subscribers..we are not motivated by the subscriber issue but to assist our brothers and sisters looking for employment to get the information they need,either as an apprentice,attachee,casual etc ,though we have to date over 22500 subscribers and if you have seen we have offered the service at its inception to date for free,and we are very happy and ready to assist when we get a call from someone in hwedza enquiring about a job as on the system for that shows what we and our partners sought to achieve is bearing fruit.

    Again thank you for your very up-to date analysis we will strive to do better,it was a refreshing and on point discussion keep it up and God bless you!!