TEDxHarare 2014 : Some of the important lessons for startups

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Mutsa Kajese TEDxHarare
Mutsa Kajese TEDxHarare
The host of TEDXHarare 2014 Mutsa Kajese

Last Saturday, Zimbabwe took part in the global TED movement once again as we witnessed TEDxHarare 2014 which was held at local tech hub Hypercube Hub.

Several perspectives on a proactive Zimbabwean thought process were raised through very inspiring talks and insights shared by the different speakers that took to the stage.

While there were countless takeaways from the different talks given by the eight speakers and from the inspiring TED videos shown on the day, there are some insights that had direct and immediate relevance to startups.

TEDxHarare 2014
Some of the speakers from TEDxHarare 2014: (L to R)Ignatius Mabasa, George Chingore & Takura Zhangazha

Let’s tell our own stories

This was brought out in different ways by the three speakers from the first session which was titled Creating Context. Our startup ecosystem is thirsty for our own stories that display local entrepreneurship talent.

Adopt a corrective not critical attitude 

Pointing fingers at areas that need correction is easy, but what are we doing to create a solution? With entrepreneurship being solely about finding solutions and making a profit in the process, it’s a message that tech entrepreneurs should be able to relate to.

Teamwork will lead to great accomplishment

Spoken by Dr Mbuwayesango to encourage unity of purpose among all citizens, this thought also rings clear for startups. There is more work that will be covered with right mix of hands that work together. Team dynamics have a huge implication on eventual success.

It’s never about resources, its about resourcefulness.

This simply calls on all entrepreneurs to make the most of what is available and do so creatively. It definitely relates more with the startup that’s bootstrapping its way through the daily challenges of

The opportunities for Zimbabwean investment lie in the right mindset   

We are in a country with a lot of potential and the opportunities for investment are part of the reason behind the #AfricaRising narrative. Though it might not be easy to identify at first glance, there is a lot of that can come if the right approach and attitude is adopted.

Up next on the local TEDx calender is the TEDxHarareSalon which will be riding under the theme “Shaping New Models.” It is set to feature more discussion and open debate on issues around transformative ideas for the future of Zimbabwe.

Were you part of TEDxHarare 2014? What did you glean form the different talks and presentations?  

(image credits: TEDxHarare)



  1. Kennedy Chiramba

    I attended, great event with mind altering ideas. Wish you could stream it for a wider audience.

  2. scott