Let the Battle Begin! What can we expect from Startup Weekend Harare tomorrow?

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Startup Weekend Harare

Startup Weekend HarareAfter all the preparations and build up, the second edition of Startup Weekend Harare is finally here. It kicks off tomorrow at 6 pm at Hypercube Hub and ends with the final pitches scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

This second edition is set to bigger than the previous Startup Weekend Harare, and although it will maintain the core aspects of Startup Weekend people can expect a couple of changes from last time.

Buying a ticket and registering to participate guarantees a chance to participate in Global Startup Battle along entrants from other Startup Weekend events around the world.

Those that choose to do so will have to film a video of their pitch which will be uploaded online for consideration from an international set of judges.

Global Startup Battle comes with 6 categories called tracks which the participants will be eligible to enter. These tracks are Education, Empowered, Women’s Track, Champions Track, Do the KIND Thing Track, Innovators Track, as well as the Regional Track.

Hip hop fans might be interested to know  that rap legend and Harvard Fellow, Nas, who happens to be a tech investor is one of the judges of the Champions Track.

There will be prizes valued at $40 000 up for grabs in addition to an opportunity to win $300,000 worth of prizes at Global Startup Battle.

Just like the last Startup Weekend everyone who buys a ticket ($60 a pop, $30 for students) has the right to come through to Startup Weekend Harare and pitch their business idea.

The crowd votes for the best ideas (a total of 10) which then compete as the teams.If your idea isn’t picked you get to join a team of your choice and learn how to develop a viable business plan.

Mentors for this Startup Weekend Harare are Walter Wanyaya, Nigel Mugamu, Vimbayi Kajese, Nikki Kershaw, Bongai Zamchiya, Tommy Deuschle, Chido Musasiwa-Gutu, Shamiso Ruzvidzo, Michele Scanlon, Muvirimi Kupara, Asa Jogi and Takunda Chingonzoh from Saisai Wireless.

Takunda Chingonzoh is the opening night speaker for the opening night and over the weekend there will be performance from local rapper Tehn Diamond.

Are you keen on being part of the Startup Weekend Harare? You can register and get more info here.