#AfricaCom 2014: photos and summary (day 1 and 2)

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

I underestimated what it would take to sit and post updates here while also trying to do everything else here at AfricaCom 2014, but here goes my first update. It’s been one enriching experience having a lot of Africa’s tech industry in one place to go through.

A few on my mind right now are the VAS companies & platforms, VOD & Music streaming startups Simfy, Mziiki, Aflix and ipidi, their suppliers of content like Endemol; messaging startups like WeChat and Mxit; Cloud & Mobile platform guys like Google & Mozilla; Handset companies like Huawei, Alcatel etc… Fibre infrastructure companies like WIOCC, SEACOM, Liquid and Wananchi. LTE & Wi-Fi guys as well, and VSAT guys… The list is endless and there’s not enough time to take everything in detail and imagine the possibilities that these technologies, services and companies present. There’s a lot of opportunity to meet lots of key guys as well from the dozens of the companies here.

Alongside the exhibitions is also a lot of content in conference fireside chats with guests from companies like Twitter, Facebook, Etisalat, Mozilla, MTN, Naspers, WeChat, Goal.com talking about Big Data, Mobile content, VOD and DTH TV & DTT. We’ll be posting as podcasts some of the talks as well as just articles going into what I managed to glean from the talks. In the meanwhile, here are some pictures from the past 2 days. Captions coming:

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