In Zimbabwe, you can buy a “WhatsApp Phone”

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

whatspp-phoneCame upon this recently in Harare. These guys sell SIM cards, phone accessories, and phones. WhatsApp has become the single most important thing on the phone it doesn’t matter anymore to say what phone brand it is. Or whether it’s an Android phone or not. It’s just a “WhatsApp Phone”.


  1. Anonymous

    There are new fake phones making it onto the market, they usually have both Nokia & Duos branding on them. I know 2 people who bought these so called “Whatsapp Phones” they don’t work. They run Baidu OS (which apparently allows it run Whatsapp) and are quite problematic to operate. For any application to work they require a memory card and they are sold without one. You are better off going for the Nokia Symbian/WP or the Android ZTEs/Huawei if you really need Whatsapp

  2. Eric

    Whatsapp is one of thee most well known names in Zimbabwe today! The name is shouted by vendors who install whatsapp on feature-free phones in the center of Harare. Really convenient and user friendly application.

  3. Khal Drogo

    A really funny short article…. small shops that sell phones in town knows too that Whatsapp is the only thing selling on the market but what buyers have failed to see is that Whatsapp have destroyed many marriages.

  4. 7 Mobile

    We are offering this genuine (no imitation ) Whatsapp phone for $28

  5. fourwallsinaroom

    I will confess to having used one of these. I had two Huawei devices have a mis fortune within two weeks of each other. First the P6 went AWOL then my Y300 touch screen wouldnt work (side note here Goldtech did a splendid job and replaced it within 3 hours of my visiting the store with a different phone better specs… I digress) Anyway the three hours i spent waiting for my phone was not sufficient for me to warrant buying the econet $55 phone and i decided to try a samsung pusha imitation with two sims, chinese firmware and yes whatsapp! The whatsapp of it worked but the screen at 128pix X 128pix was a nightmare. you view one contact at a time, and you type send, read and then read the response. If you get a long message or a picture forward forget it. For the basics however this served its purpose and once I was back on air I took the device back and returned the SHAMsung dous sans $2. Next time I am in a jam I will definately get the original samsung pusha if budget is a concern or another low priced android maybe the zte 795. An unlimited SMS bundle would have worked just fine for me. Or alternatively using facebook USSD. Remember I am just talking a half day bandaid here not a perma-fix.