Startup Weekend Harare returns

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The winners of the 1st Edition of Startup Weekend Harare
The winners of the 1st Edition of Startup Weekend Harare

In May this year, the first ever Zimbabwean edition of the Startup Weekend was held at Hypercube in Harare. The good news for those interested in being part of it is that the tech entrepreneurship event is headed this way again, with this edition set to run from the 21st to the 23rd of November this year.

This second edition of Startup Weekend Harare will be held at Hypercube Hub which hosted the first Startup Weekend. Hypercube is organising this edition together with Mercy Corps and The Catalyst Hub Network which is a collection 6 Zimbabwean innovation hubs.

Like the previous edition and every other Startup Weekend event held around the world, the participants form teams that are shortlisted by popular vote from the audience on the first night. These teams then spend 54 hours taking part in the creation of a startup solution.

Over the weekend the teams engage in business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. There will be mentors assigned to the participating teams who will assist in idea development. The finalist startups then present their final pitch on Sunday afternoon together with a minimum viable product.

In the last edition of Startup Weekend Harare, the winner was the Kwese Music team with their K’tamba device and application. The team walked away with prizes that included professional advisory services, vouchers from Google, .Co and Amazon Web Services and smart devices.

 Are you keen on being part of this tech entrepreneurship event? You can get information on the second edition of the Startup Weekend Harare from Hypercube Hub or from the document below.

Startup Weekend Harare November 2014



  1. oskido

    so you cant take part in this unless u are i harare

    it sucks big time

    1. Enzo Matrix

      Rumour has it there will be a Bulawayo event