No relief for subscribers as Telecel tweaks mobile broadband prices

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Telecel Broadband Prices


Telecel Broadband Prices

We have always known Telecel to be the leader in terms of pricing specials for both voice and data so it’s a bit surprising to see that the MNO has adjusted the price of its data bundles with an increase.

The new tariff structure (displayed in the table above) offers subscribers lower data for the same prices on the cheaper bundles, ultimately reducing the value of a subscriber’s dollar. The 50 cents, $1 and $3 bundles are the three bundles that have been tweaked with slightly lower data offerings.These minor adjustments are what Telecel communicated recently as the response to new taxes on airtime.

The changes have been met with some unfavourable responses from subscribers complaining on social networks. Sadly for mobile internet users instead of receiving more enticing deals for broadband, there doesn’t look like any relief is in sight, especially since the regulator POTRAZ has come out stating that it will let market forces regulate the pricing rather than force reductions.

What sort of mobile broadband pricing do you think the mobile networks should be offering? 



  1. Rangarirai

    We don’t need stupid expensive prepaid prices. We need unlimited cheap prices. Specially on the internet data.

    1. Nic

      These are too expensive, can the MNOs come up with favorable unlimited prices for example in the US, I use a Metropcs line and I’m charged US 40.00/month for unlimited talk, text & data. For Data first 1GB is on 4G LTE and then afterwards you will be migrated to unlimited 3G/Edge.

      1. kay

        dzokera kuUS ikoko,,,we are in Zimbabwe .

  2. Anonymous

    How do the prices compare versus Econet Yazviita Zvakare

  3. Gava Redhorobha

    I seem to remember reading on this site that (1) POTRAZ had told operators to review voice tariffs down? Apart from restricting network access this could be a step toward recovering some of the revenue that will be lost. (2) POTRAZ would not step in with a similar directive for data tariffs, they would let the markets sort themselves out so to speak – so hence the increase as there maybe more collusion rather than competition on this front.
    Econet’s move will be more telling as to the permanancy of Telecel’s price increase.

  4. Mohamed al-Sannusi

    This is not fair, Telecel is becoming greedy now

  5. mutape

    just hope their service gets better

    1. huniland

      i doubt i changes anything ratha they just wore customers as a bullet proof for the tax

  6. Evans

    Surely I think its only fair considering the gvt imposed taxes on all voice and data. I was also expecting the writer of this article to investigate further. It looks like Telecel is now using IwayAfrica not Liquid for their internet?

  7. huniland

    yo government has to blame…if u nottice the increament is the exact or slightly less than the tax %. ofcoz we can say the MNO was kinda selfish not to share the tax with its loyal customer but hey, its business and they have been gud to customers. with the way the gvt is scavenging for funds, chasara kunzi i will need to pay a monthly licence for owning a celfone