Leaked Pics! Its happening in Zimbabwe too!

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fappening camera
fappening camera
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You would think with the sheer number of the revealing pictures floating around the internet the whole concept would have lost its appeal by now or people would have learnt a thing or two.

I’m talking about exposed celebrity photos and I guess by now you are familiar with this scandal .

One starlet has over 55 revealing pics online at last count! Fifty-five! More have just been released and the celebrity victims have set legions of lawyers upon Google to take down the private pictures, all hacked from private accounts. So if you already have another tab open searching for the pictures you are out of luck Buck and shame on you!

As far removed as it seems, this whole debacle stands as a cautionary tale for us the simple folk and not only our celebrities. Thanks to our cellular phones almost everyone has access to a camera.

Statistics show that the “Selfie” has taken the world by storm with over a million selfies being taken every day. I guess what this shows us is that clothing is optional in a good number of these photos. Couples are also requesting more intimate photos of each other too these days.

At the height of love it may seem like a good idea to take that intimate snap for their eyes only, but usually, after breakups and through simple carelessness those photos will sometimes make it to social media forums at the most inopportune time.

For the ordinary Zimbo inappropriate pictures are becoming a weekly occurrence as couples try to humiliate each other in by distributing the videos on those Facebook closed groups that specialise in discussing bedroom issues.(Find them yourself I am not posting a link! Shame on you again!)

I keep photos online. As an android user I rely on Google+ Photos App to upload and my photos I rarely share them. It is an automated process that happens whenever I log into a Wi-Fi network.

If I ever got hacked (and this is not a challenge please!) the worst photo you would find is an uncombed hair #WokeUpLikeThis selfie.  My point is just say no. Do not give in to the temptation to take that risqué photo, it just is not worth it!

At least have the good sense to crop your face out of the picture, so you can have a little deniability! Let’s not forget that the internet is forever.

If you are so overwhelmed by love and you have run out of words to describe how you feel about this person, please grab a dictionary instead! Write a letter! Not your cell phone camera! When you have a rash in a place that is physiologically hard to see the camera is not the solution. Go to the doctor.

Internet privacy is a myth. Today’s safest servers are going to be so easy to hack tomorrow.  If you have sensitive photos then I would suggest  installing an app like Vaulty.

Vaulty is a password protected gallery that also uses the front-facing camera to take pictures of anyone trying to access the app without your password. It’s good for laughs and eye-opening at revealing exactly how many people are trying to get into your private business.

How do you secure your phone and is it enough to keep your personal information adequately private? Which apps or tools use? For the benefit of countless people feel free to share in the comments below.



  1. Kudzy

    i think the first step is as you say Rejoice, AVOID those risky moves that seem sexy today and bad tomorrow. But for those who want to know more Apps to protect there are files such as Avast Antivirus’s MEDIA protection option (on Android devices) also despite the fact that some people hate Blackberrys, i was always impressed by their Encryption efforts. for instance, setting up a passowrd for your BB Device gives a user 10 tries to enter the device password, if you fail, it erases all Data held on device (asspwords, credentials, emails and yes, Pictures too!!) also if you enable Media Card Encryption on the card it enables two-factor encryption on the Media Card that needs the device password and your own personal choice of password just to gain access to files on the card…

  2. fourwallsinaroom

    I have found that encrypting your micro sd card, and uploading to drop box is the safest combo. On my phone drop box has a 4 digit pin and on any other device I am using two step authentication to protect my files. That said I do not keep any funny pictures etc. but I do have sensitive work documents that require this level of protection.

    1. Farai

      Much agreed. Time people took phone security seriously. I know my WA has a few pics from other females but I never take some of me. And as Rejoice mentioned, G+ Photos is the best storage for all my pictures and a few shared for certain circles.

  3. Anonymous

    ndeani mapics aka leaka kkkkk

  4. admire

    its all about encrytion 256bit keys will do the trick and its worth it. But first and foremost if you want to keep it private keep it off the internet

    1. fourwallsinaroom

      Serpent-Twofish-AES with SHA-512 Hash will do the trick.

      But then again if all this trouble why are you putting it on the cloud?

  5. that guy

    where r these pics exactly? seems to be a bunch lies just to get more clicks

    1. fourwallsinaroom

      you will need to get the torrent. google removed them, but searching google news i see rihanna, jessica alba, scarlet johansen and some others mentioned.

  6. fourwallsinaroom

    As the dust settles, now we have the “Snappening” Snapchat was hacked a few days ago and the thing with snap chat is pictures are meant to disappear after 10seconds which according to iDigitaltimes made it popular especially for sexting. Well it turns out there were some loop holes and some 200,000 pictures, videos etc have been released to the public via 4chan and the usual torrent channels! Scary. What is now concerning me more than anything and I would love to get feedback is how do I protect documents covered by NDA’s etc. Am I back to working of a laptop and doing a network backup to a server with raid. Is cloud a thing to put on hold for now while the bugs are worked out? I am actually wondering how safe two step authentication is anyway. I noticed today that my google authenticator app does not have password protection so anyone who has my phone technically can get access to the second step of authentication with a bit of luck and patience. (think android bootloader backup and restore without password or think iPhone forgot pin backup to itunes and restore with out pass) Perhaps for now the safest place for my documents is in a safety deposit box or the ceiling next to the geyser?