Gtel launches new phone with contract package from Telecel

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Gtel SL5.5
Gtel SL5.5
The new Gtel SL 5.5

Last night we attended the launch of Gtel’s new flagship phone, called the Gtel A755 SL5.5 or simply the SL5.5. The new device which will be available from the 1st of November 2014 (this Saturday) has a cash price of $490.

The event also included the unveiling of a new contract package for buying their device range. Called Khuluma 365, it is a partnership with mobile network operator Telecel.

Khuluma 365 comes with two price options, Gold and Platinum, with each offering a different set of phones. Both contracts are valid for 365 days.

Gold is for six entry level to medium range phones such as the Andy Pro, Vivo, Ace and Infinity S that have monthly premiums that range from $24 to $36. Every phone bought under this contract comes with:

  • 80 minutes voice calls
  • 15 MB Data
  • 50 SMSes

Khuluma 365 Platinum is for Gtel’s high end devices that are have monthly premiums of between $38 and $64. The $64 option is for the new Gtel SL5.5. Under this platinum package subscribers will get

  • 150 minutes voice calls
  • 20 MB data
  • 120 SMSes

Both the Gold and Platinum options come with free WhatsApp bundles and subscription to the recently introduced Telecare insurance product.

According to Gtel this credit plan is available to anyone formally employed or with consistent income as well as anyone who had bought a Gtel phone from the 1st of October. Gtel is sticking with its strategy for mass adoption by targeting civil servants, armed forces and workers from mines and manufacturing companies with this promotion.

Khuluma package will be available from all Telecel stores and through partners like Zimpost, Spar and Moonlight.

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  1. Data Deficient

    Well, if nothing else, this phone is a looker. And if the specs and battery deliver (and I win the lotto) then it could sooth my poor soul for never having gotten the chance to own the Nexus 5. The packages though, 20mb for a ‘platinum’ package?! That’s a bit underwhelming, especially for a device that’s practically begging for apps and media to consume.

    1. TK

      Bang one mate. 20 MB is an insult of an offer on that package

  2. Jack Siziba

    20Mb of data on a smartphone? Seriously people? That’s a whole 2 bucks. For the month. To be used carefully. 1Mb per day Monday to Friday only. By the time you unlock the screen it will be gone. And what is this thing called SMS? Is that like a fax? Long dead I think.

  3. disappointed

    these Gtel phones are not strong at all, they are rubbish. imagine a good sumsung, nokia, apple, htc or sony you can buy for $490. don’t waste your money, I tell you. you will regret

  4. Khal Drogo

    Does the Gtel come with accidental damage warranty coverage for screen replacement or repair any water damaged phone?

  5. phillip fondo dickson

    its a good phone for business also for marketing your products and services.


    It is an excellent phone and classic that anyone can wish to have..I would b glad if u choose me to have the phone because it it have a gd model and great features

  7. Lucy Muya

    Hae i graduated from highschool last year i really yearn to have a phone and i think this is the best… may act as my first gift ever….i really wpuld feel honoured to have it thanks

  8. joyce carolyn

    wow i luv all e features on dis fone. unfortunately i cannot afford 1. i really wish u guys wuld give me 1 on my birthday. it will be on 21st of dis month. A brand new day wid a brand new fone, wow u wuld make my day. plz consider me. thank u

  9. Vanessa Nicole

    I’m in need of such a phone currently; my last phone fell in a pool of water and has ever since been dead. I would really appreciate if you gift me this phone just before I go to campus. Thanks

  10. Thomson

    Plz, the phone is soo classic and iwill love to hv it one them please