WhatsApp gets update with several features

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WhatsApp-for-iOSInstant Messaging platform WhatsApp rolled out a new update with several features to add value to the application. Sadly its limited to iOS though, but the update will put smiles on the faces of Apple users already looking forward to the new iOS 8 being unveiled later today.

There is no indication on when this update and set of features will be available for Android, Windows, Symbian, S40 and Blackberry devices. In the meantime Apple users get to enjoy the following features:

  • Added ability to archive chats and groups
  • Sharing slow-motion videos (iPhone 5s only)
  • Adding captions to photos and videos
  • An added fast camera access button for capturing and sending photos
  • Trimming videos before sharing them (already available on Android though)
  • Sharing Location: added support for satellite and hybrid map views when sharing a location
  • Share Location: drop and drag pin lets you share a precise location
  • New media auto-download preferences under the Chat Settings tab
  • New Wallpapers
  • New Notification tones
  • The ability to attach screenshots when reporting problems

True to the “less talk more action” approach that the guys at WhatsApp have adopted, there has been no mention of when a voice calling feature is going to be available as well. This would add to WhatsApp’s relevance as the default chat application.

Locally WhatsApp has been very popular and has already been cited as a catalyst in the disruption of the voice call revenue model for mobile network operators.



  1. Farai

    This is a great move indeed but true these are not urgent features or mouth watering features as say voice calls. these features won’t make me jump ship and go to iOS anyway 🙂

  2. Anthony Somerset

    finally it works on iOS8 properly, but i didn’t say that 🙂

  3. Farai

    Backing up or archiving on phone does not appeal to me at all. Time they introduced some form of online backup service for the messages.

  4. Cathrine Lee Kim

    Please comment on the Whatsapp option loaded on laptops or desktops using Bluestacks App player. Since the time the app was purchased by Facebook, one could upload pictures from the hard drive or flash drive and share with his community of friends. That option seems to have disabled and only options available is use of internal camera or local pictures within the whatsapp environment. Where is the problem with Facebook with BlueStacks or there is another app i could upload in order to enjoy my whatsapp on laptop as before??

    1. Cathrine Lee Kim

      Sorry , I meant to write thus since whatsapp was purchased by Facebook, no up loads of pictures from hard drive or flash drive are no longer permissible. Why is this? Would you have an idea as to why?