uMAX to offer free internet usage at night, for existing customers

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

umax-modemWe just received information from our sources suggesting that uMAX are finally making some changes to their internet package. The ISP, we’re told, will offer some free internet at night between 10Pm and 6AM – the time that everyone’s asleep.

This is the first big change the ISP has made to their offering since they shook the internet market last year when they brought down their prices to what seem unbelievable then. This is a good change in that if you’re a uMAX customer, there’s more to that pricey $75 now. 10 – 6 usage will not add to your monthly data.

And even if you’re not a customer but you’re the type ISPs don’t like – the torrents lot –  this means a great time to sign up and set the torrents to kick in at 10. There’ll likely be some fair usage  fine print though we imagine.

In terms of how game changing this is in comparison to the competition, well not much really as free internet, or at least unthrottled internet at night is nothing new. It’s the basic economics of the internet industry. In fact, that they are not touching that $75 price point and are rather making tweaks to increase the value, means as highly competitive as the industry is, lowering the price will do unsightly things to their bottom line.


  1. Tempting

    We are slowly getting there. Zol just doesn’t cut it during the day at this price point so this could help umax retain clients and maybe make some switch back. They may end up with t&c’s but honestly, who else is gonna love this more than the torrenters!

  2. Anthony Somerset

    Still not totally unlimited and limited to about 1mbps. All this is going to do is over burden there base stations to the point that it will not be worth it

    Probably some catch if you not already a subscriber as well like a 12 month contract or something

  3. Ndini Wenyu

    I love ISPs they give us Internet access. On the other hand their customers want everything for free. There is a point when lowering prices stops working.. the lower the price the less you can really insist on any type of SLA..