Techzim Podcast: Powertel & Africom’s new packages, Econet’s $1 promo and Telecare

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Here’ s this week’s edition of the Techzim Podcast. In this episode we touched on Powertel’s internet bundles, Africom’s $5 a week offering, Econet’s $1 a day promotion live test and Telecel’s Telecare insurance that was launched together with an Android app for telecash.

If you are a Powertel subscriber how much of a disruption will the new bundles be for you? Does the $5 weekly “unlimited “Africom package seem like its worth it for you instead? What are your thoughts on Econet’s $1 promotion?

As always we appreciate your comments and views on these and other topics covered in the Techzim Podcast and throughout the week. Feel free to share in the comments below.

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  1. Rangarirai

    The last time i used Powertel it took me 5 hours to open my Gmail account. Next Monday i am at Africom.
    Africom Sharp!

  2. movers

    I head one of the panelist saying he is using powertel modem on Africom. May i have the settings please as i cant connect with an africom sim inside.

    Its a good bye to rubbish powertel

  3. Rangarirai

    Movers, i recommend you to visit the Africom offices with your powertel modem & Africom sim card, that is what i heard some say!

  4. Montso

    Am looking for an Africom modem

    1. Nigel

      Hello ther,I hev an Africom dongle as good as new.Used 4 little over one month.

  5. Charles M.

    I’ve been using the africom’s sim on the powertel’s modem since i bought the line i never owned the powertel’s sim card, how ever its not about plugging your sim into the modem and go gooogling, you have to configure the modem with your africom settings as using powertel’s default settings wont get you connected .

  6. Maxwell Christian

    Just for interest’s sake what are the window periods for Powertel’s new capped data bundles or are they unlimited until the get exhausted?

  7. Anonymous

    powertel marara for now until further notice

  8. Bb

    Powertel. thanks for the time we had. Scholar pack saved me greatly. now It’s gdbye time, can’t afford nomore. taking chances mit africom:(