James Makamba challenges Strive Masiyiwa

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Dr James MakambaIt looks like the mobile wars between between Telecel and Econet are taking many forms this year.

With the two operators battling each other in terms of market share, new products and brand visibility perhaps the competition extends to the chairmen of the respective networks?

Through the hashtag activism trend that won’t go away, Telecel Chairman Dr James Makamba recently posted his own Ice Bucket Challenge video on his Facebook page.

In typical Ice Bucket Challenge fashion he also challenged a handful of people to also take part in the challenge.

His nominees include fellow telecoms entrepreneur Strive Masiyiwa and his wife Tsitsi Masiyiwa, Patrice Motsepe and Zimbabwean businessman Philip Chiyangwa.

While this is hardly the first participation by a Zimbabwean figure in the Ice Bucket Challenge, its likely to draw the greatest interest for a Zimbabwean so far.

Its hardly surprising though that Dr Makamba would take part in an act of charity.Both Makamba and Masiyiwa are active philanthropists giving generously to African focused causes such as education and the plight of disadvantaged children.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a social media video campaign meant to raise funding and awareness of the neurodegenerative condition ALS. It has been hugely successful, particularly in the United States where it drew the attention and participation of several celebrities including tech entrepreneurs.



  1. Kusaziva

    Whats with the image?

  2. M3YA

    Still looking for the Ice bucket though. Maybe its the zimbo version. Not to mention the ‘handful’ of nominees as well.

    1. Farai

      Don’t forget to look for the ice when you get the bucket. Fridges with ice are somewhat rare 😀

  3. Anthony Somerset

    its a nice idea in the western world where water is in plentiful supply but less keen on it given that we can’t pump running water to large parts of our capital!

    1. Anonymous

      Water isnt actually plentiful in the west.Is it a different planet?

  4. Farai

    I think they should have challenged each other to the better network challenge than the ice bucket challenge. We need world class glitch free networks as well.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes ,yes,yes

  5. Gilchriste Ndongwe

    Why not a ice bucket challenge on Ebola, a disease which is affecting Africans…….

    1. Mafirakureva

      Ko ita ka iwe. Hazvirambidzwe. But i recommend the Boiling water challange mari ino buda munhu asingadi kutsva!

  6. Mhof

    Gilchriste Ndongwe, it’s good that you raised an important point, but nobody has taken that initiative to launch a social media campaign to raise ebola awareness. ALS is not an African phenomenon, at the moment, but the Americans and Europeans raised awareness for it, because it’s a challenge affecting them. Why can we not do something for ourselves? Can we not start a campaign to raise awareness on other problems affecting us? Gilchriste, can you?

  7. Rodney weasley

    Well it a good idea but a #HMYCUE/how many youths can you employ challenge will be better. Just a thought.

  8. DuToit

    Here is an interesting opinion of the Ice Bucket theory:


  9. Simbarashe

    I think this is a good start which we can modify to suit issues affecting us as Zimbabweans and the region. Thumbs up to the few Zimbabweans who have already made a head start