Forget John Legend, James Blunt is coming to Harare

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Almost two weeks ago the rather disappointing bit of news about the cancellation of John Legend’s Harare concert was announced by the organisers of the event. This meant getting refunds and giving up those tickets that some of people had reserved online in large numbers.

Well Davies Events, the same crew behind John Legend and the Bryan Adams concert has announced another headline international artist.

This time it’s James Blunt and the multi -platinum, award winning star will be at the Harare International Conference Centre on the 17th of February 2015.It definitely seems like a lifetime away for the James Blunt fan.

Just like the Legend concert the online facility that’s at our disposal is the reservation of tickets, something that Davies Events introduced to Zimbabwe when they were making arrangements for John Legend. One would have hoped that they had added that game changer to the whole online ticketing experience.

I hope that between now and February the organisers make an arrangement for online payments. An integration with Paynow or even Pay4App is very possible, and could spare fans that already make online reservations the challenge of having to queue to buy the ticket at specific box offices.

At Paynow’s developer day held at Hypercube last month a couple of developers had or talked of prototype e-ticketing systems, something that I’m sure any music fan and event organiser would be keen on seeing on the market.

If you are keen on getting more information on the concert and/or reserving you tickets online you can click here.

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  1. chipaz

    Some zimbos are speculating that this events management company used John Legend name to get an interest free loan from hard pressed zimbabweans, then just simply refund face value after half a year with peoples money, God knows what they were using it for. Hope its not the same story with this february Gig

    1. Interesting but…

      Interesting theory, except that the show was undeniably an official part of Legend’s itinerary until he opted for a new SA show instead. The tickets being available months in advance to me suggested a high level of organisation (so much for that!). As for Blunt, the zim show is now listed on his tour page so barring the south africans pulling the rug out from under us again, it should be a go.

      A bit off topic but, if they pull this show off, i’m really curious to see if we’ll end up with the same complaints of racism and short notice we had with Adams, given the even more niche appeal of Blunt in Zim!

  2. Anonymous

    Maface aya akupama zvimwe. lets see how people respond to this one

  3. fourwallsinaroom

    On the flip side. If you are liquid enough to buy 20 tix at a time and say you get 100. You will have no problem offloading those tickets at a “comfortable” margin. Think HIFA tickets.

  4. Gazprom

    These South Africans are getting our nerves now. Remember decades ago the Michael Jackson Show where they told MJ to ditch the Harare Show and added another SA show in Durban. Maybe piggy backing on the arrangement that an artiste coming to SA would be an easier logistical challenge I dont know I am no Event organiser but I think its high time we did our own thing the from the ground up than relying on South Africans because they will continue doing that to us