Econet, what exactly are these Terms and Conditions?

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Econet-Customer-Care-Who cares about terms and conditions? Who reads them anyway? At least Econet seems to think they mean something, well for their Bundles of Joy anyway.

Most  consumers have that quick response to Ts and Cs – simply accept everything and get access to the service that you logged in to get anyway.

The problem is you end up agreeing to certain conditions in the fine print that end up being uncomfortable. Case in point is how Google and Facebook’s Messenger service have conditions that make you wonder how much privacy is left in the digital world.

Econet Terms and ConditionsEvery time I purchase Econet daily bundles I have to agree with terms and conditions before I get the bundles. That makes a lot of sense. However, while it’s very considerate of the network to talk about Ts and Cs maybe they should at least tell me what those Ts and Cs are in the first place so that I decide whether I should accept them or not.

After calling their customer care line I was informed that this disclaimer covers the number of days you can access the bundles. This is the same condition that Econet has been adjusting from the time they launched the Bundles of Joy.

Econet is proud of its Customer Services Charter and has pledged to compete on product and service quality. I guess its what has resulted in these efforts at improving the customer service experience. Lets just hope that full disclosure of what a subscriber is getting from them is part of the deal.



  1. juss

    Slow day Nigel!

  2. Farai

    Another disclaimer is read the Ts and Cs on What if I do not have internet?

  3. Shumba

    And I’m sure not only Econet…but banks and many other corporations out there bank on their customers not reading the Ts and Cs that they can come out next day after u complain and tell u that u agreed to our Ts and Cs before u used our service and it will be to late because 1 way or another it would have got back to bite you…most of the time you need to use a service that involves agreeing with Ts and Cs prior,you are usually in much of a hurry to start and finish reading everything in that fine print that u just simply end up signing for it anyway but whenever you have time,those Ts and Cs should be read,