TelOne removes ADSL internet speed expectations for home users

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

adsl-newIf you are a TelOne ADSL home user you may want to know that TelOne doesn’t want you to associate your internet package with any expected speed anymore. On the company’s website, the home packages are now showing without the download/upload speed indication. Essentially, whatever speed you’re getting, that’s just it. See website screenshot above.

On why they are doing this, our guess is they don’t want to have to deal with people complaining and referring to what they expected vs what they are getting.

It’s not something unique to them. It’s actually standard with the mobile operators, Econet, Telecel and NetOne. You just know you’re getting mobile broadband without any fronting of technical stuff about minimum download and upload rates you should expect. But even then there’s an unsaid minimum speed expectation for a GPRS, EDGE and 3G connection. It’s however not standard with internet service providers where, traditionally, people buy a package based on an expected minimum download rate offered. That’s the only way you would decide whether to pay less or more.

The business packages still have the speed. There’s no difference though between the business and residential packages so we’re not sure there’s any actual difference in the service.

We’ve asked TelOne about this and we’ll post their update once we get it.

What has been your experience with TelOne ADSL lately on speed? What package are you on?


  1. macd chip

    Maybe its a standard in Zim but definately not in other parts of the world where ISPs are always fighting and on each other’s throat to get customers.

    I want to know what lm paying for then compare with other ISPs to see if lm gettin value for money. That is a basic requirement.

    What lm seeing here is a clear admitance by TelOne that they cannt sort out there crap backbone network hence the need to hide it through ommiting that part of information.

    So how are they going to try and gain new customers and compete?

    What infor are they going to publish to try and gain new customers or poach from other ISPs.

    Im not in a position to comment on their services as l left them 3months ago for the same reason of paying through the nose for crap service.

    This is the beggining of the end. What they need is to revamp their whole infrastructure and train there engineers to highest levels then ofcourse pay them good salaries.

  2. PHP

    its pathetic u cnt even upload an 1mb plus files. its a pity its the only fixed ISP for home use

  3. WishingforBetterService

    What is sorely lacking in ALL aspects of Zimbabwean life is that residents don’t demand accountability we are too silent and therefore everyone gets away with rubbish service! We recently complained about the standards in another place and were told that most people accept it so what’s your problem!

    1. Cde

      Spot-on we get leaders and companies we deserve.

  4. G-squared

    I think there is a mistake with the website. TelOne has been performing well and you guys have to appreciate it. i use the ADSL and im enjoying a lot. online gaming, video streaming and school work, for sure ADSL technology is the way to go at home use. Im proud of being a TelOne customer.

    1. macd chip

      Maybe Telone is your first experience of using adsl

      Maybe you have only used internet in Zim

      There is nothing to appreciate from Telone. In actual fact they are holding Zimbabwe back from developing its IT.

      Their service doesnt offer value for money and it seems its a disease which is all over Zim bt incase of Telone its worsened by the fact that its a gvt institute.

  5. crap?

    isnt it where POTRAZ should deal with such cases?

  6. The King

    I’m not saying TelOne has the best service, but it’s definitely cheaper than the rest

    1. macd chip

      In what sense? They have all there service offer capped!

  7. Unknown

    I can say for sure that platinum is not bad. I can’t say it’s good either but it’s stable. Speed’s are mostly 230 kbps with torrents and 250 kbps ddl. What really bothers me is that, It’s so shit and useless during day/peak time. I can’t speak for other companies but that shouldn’t be the case.

  8. SirDownloadAlot

    LOL – You cry babies! Instead of complaining about Telone, do something! There are so many solutions out there….. For example, you can use the 75mbps from ZOL for $89. By 2015, I will offer you 100-300mbps dedicated to you and your home! Watch out Zimbabwe! Check out

  9. Lewanika

    Word to Telone, the term broadband caries with it a minimum of 256kbps. Now that you have removed the speed offering for home users does this mean that you are further away from delivering the basic user 256kbps than we thought. The saddest thing is that outside of copper (telone keeps that monopoly) the only option we have is nothi……. No wait there is 89 bucks zol fiber or fibre, spelling not important as the former is British and the latter being American. Luckily for you telone, i cannot afford to get this zol fibre as it is a bit too pricey for me but if iwas more Liquid…. your account would have been history by the time i posted this comment. P.s Hope you managed to fix that problem you had with a link in Kadoma on Wednesday

  10. WishingforBetterService

    Where’s the tel-one response?

  11. UnBanked

    Well, personally, I expected this to happen sooner rather than later. In fact, there are more people who connect to this ADSL service and do not pay a dime for the service. The configuration is so simple so that if you can split your own line at home and know of one registered number, you can connect as many people as you want. This basically means that the legit subscribers are focking out for the rest of us.

    Telone needs to get it’s access rules in order. One number, one connection and see how many will wake up without service.

  12. dr

    I have been using platinum and it works good 4 me