Paynow to host developer day focused on boosting online payments in Zimbabwe

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Paynow, the Zimbabwean internet payments platform developed by Webdev has decided to give local internet payments a shot in the arm by working with developers. Together with Hypercube Hub, Paynow will be hosting a developer day at the tech hub on Saturday 16 August 2014.

The day long event (9 am to 5 pm) will be focused on issues particular to integrating with Paynow and using online payments in Zimbabwe.

The day’s lead presentation will be geared at providing a wealth of information on the use of Paynow to developers as well as designers. Areas to be covered include integration via email, the Paynow hosted cart, the pre-generated button and code based integration.

There will be a session focused on integrating existing systems of the developers in attendance with assistance being given in the process. The organisers of the event have offered giveaways to anyone that will display a working integration.

Paynow will also be building a list of developers who have integrated and can be recommended to merchants in the future.

Paynow is the first online payments solution in Zimbabwe to provide mobile money payments with direct official connection to the APIs, specifically the closely guarded EcoCash API. The gateway also has VISA and Vpayments functionality through official direct integration.

When we last spoke to the Paynow team they explained how the platform came as a solution to some of the online payment hurdles they were encountering with merchants on another Webdev product,

This latest push for developer integration will definitely go a long way in spurring on local e-commerce efforts, particularly from the developers and designers who are supposed to have solid appreciation of payment options for any of their systems or for prospective e-commerce service providers.

If you are keen on exploring how you can include simplified e-payment options for your e-commerce site you can register for the free event here.



  1. Pedro

    Great product but its unfortunate with paypal now in zimbabwe. will this paynow be used that much with such competition other than for zimswitch etc only

    1. Mb

      @Pedro unfortunately paypal is not allowing local merchants to receive funds for their goods and services so paynow has a chance in the local market.

    2. joo

      You can only make payment on PayPal, you cant legally receive payment in Zim, also PayPal doesn’t have zimswitch and ecocash / telecash (unless you count the ecocash mastercard). When its legal paynow could always add paypal to its list of receiving options so you could get that too.

    3. Mhuka Huru

      I think its actually unfortunate for PayPal and not PayNow, coz of the issue of locals beinf mainly on Ecocash/telecash and not traditional banks, Viva Paynow!

  2. chanda

    Interesting. Anyone have any idea how their charges compare to other payment gateways like Paypal?

      1. chanda

        Thanks Irvin. Is it Just me or does the Paynow logo website remind you of Paypal?

        1. tinm@n

          Its obviously deliberate. Happens everywhere. As long as trademarks or copyrights are not violated… its pretty much common practice

        2. Mhuka Huru

          am not worrided about that!

  3. Anonymous

    Paynow is definitely competitively priced vs other regional payment gateways including Paypal.
    Paypal South Africa rates differ for domestic vs cross-border transactions. There is also volume discounting.
    Starting rates for $0-$3,000 of transactions per month are 3.4% + 30c for domestic (SA) and 3.9% + 30c for cross-border.
    Paynow fees for local payment types -Zimswitch vPayments and Mobile Money (Ecocash/Telecash) are 2.5% +50c and 1.5% + 50c respectively. For international payment networks (Visa/Mastercard), Paynow fees are 3.5% +50c. Paynow has not yet introduced volume discounting.

    Links below to Paynow and Paypal SA Fees:

  4. tsano

    At least someone now knows the days to host an event, I Will definitely be There!
    Come on guys why can’t we be more like India or China? lets support our local products

  5. Sagitarr

    My major concern is with websites that have no “customer service” or “about us” option because how do they manage enquiries, feedback, complaints or compliments? Where are they located physically? Excuse me, exercising due diligence here…web presence is grand, but a company needs to have physical presence as well??