EcoCash online payments through MasterCard

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Ecocash debit card MasterCard VCN transaction fees

Recently Ecocash introduced the EcoCash MasterCard Debit Card that undoubtedly was a game changer, allowing millions of ‘unbanked’ people the opportunity to have the convenience of making payments anywhere and everywhere. Yes, the card works across borders, anywhere in the world they say and then there was the ‘possibility’ of making online payments.

I went ahead and got the card as I was interested to know whether the card can be used online to make payments. It wasn’t too difficult. $2 and my I.D. got me sorted. There is some kind of linking of card to the EcoCash mobile wallet that needs to take place, and you good to go. Well, almost, you’ll need money in the account of course.

As we are always looking for the tech opportunity for startups here at Techzim, I was eager to know what convenience the EcoCash MasterCard debit card brought to would-be entrepreneurs who often times need to make purchases online.

Does the Ecocash MasterCard debit card work online?

Well, I tested it out here at the office, tried to make a few online purchases and here are my findings:

1. You CAN NOT make online purchases with your ‘physical’ Ecocash MasterCard. Yes, I frantically tried and tried but was continually met with “we are unable to review this card. Please try again or enter another one“. A call to the Steward Bank toll free call centre (all Ecocash MasterCard’s are issued by the Econet-owned bank Steward) revealed that the ‘physical’ Ecocash MasterCard debit card can not be used for such transactions.

2. The customer services representative advised me that one has to ‘buy’ a Virtual Card Number for $0.50, a MasterCard debit card number, that is valid for 14 days, and can only be used once. Essentially making the cost of your transaction a bit higher. (see transaction table below. Click for higher res)

Ecocash debit card charges

3. Though you can link you VCN to PayPal (yes, in case you never read, PayPal is available in Zimbabwe), you are limited to doing transactions of $150 and less until you can ‘verify’ your card. If you need to make a payment to someone for more than $150, I guess you just have to advise them that their payment is coming in batches. This should not be much of a problem if you want to send money to a friend or relative though.

4. The VCN currently CAN NOT be linked to Google Play, so essentially you can’t buy Android app with it. Unfortunately, we haven’t tested with IOS but we’ll update once we’ve done so. If there’s anyone who has tried, please comment below.

So in a nutshell, the physical Ecocash MasterCard debit card can not make online payments at the moment. However, the VCN fills the gap on that one.

I’m still of the opinion that this is a game changer as it compares well to the FBC MasterCard and has a hand up on the Telecel telecash Gold card.

Getting a Virtual Debit card from the EcoCash USSD menu. So, you get to that first screen by selecting Wallet Services. -> Select ‘EcoCash Debit Card’ -> Select ‘Get Virtual Card’ -> Select ‘EcoCash/Master Card’ -> Enter the ‘nickname’ as requested and you get the virtual card number via SMS.


  1. Anonymous

    Those charges!!!! $0.50 for a VCN plus the VCN trans action charge that’s pricey. I think VCN number should cost at most $0.20 for starters…

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      Hi there Anonymous,
      Thanks for the comment. Yes, it may be a bit pricey, but do you make online transactions that often for it to affect you?

      1. Anonymous

        The frequency of transactions does not matter, roughly an app or a song cost $1.00 and having to pay $0.50 for the VCN (which is used only once) and $0.09 for the VCN transaction adds up to $1.59 each time you buy a song or app. Additional costs of close to 60% of the price of an app/song is ridiculous.

        VCN should be valid for at least a month and should be used as many times within that month, this way it encourages users to buy more apps/songs and this could actually benefit our start ups and musicians rather than have users pay high transactional costs.

        1. L.S.M Kabweza

          Yes, true. From what users are saying here, the VCN is valid for multiple transactions, but still 14 days

          1. Anonymous

            is it VALID for 14 days as in you have to use it within 14 days and once used becomes invalid even if still within the 14day window? how does this work?

            1. vajohn

              look even if you pay for the two weeks. u gettin a charge of $0.09 every time you make a transaction. like really, its either they make us pay like 0.30 for every transaction and make the vcn free or charge 0.70 per month but transactions are free.

  2. Charles Chindove

    Is one able to do Point Of Sale (POS) transaction with this Ecocash MasterCard?

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      Hi there Charles,
      Yes, the physical card can be used for POS and ATM transactions, locally and internationally.

  3. Up Sh!# Creek (Without a Paddle)

    I was able to use the same VCN twice when paying for local domains so unless things changed very recently, the Econet Customer Services representative must have been mistaken. The hosting/domain company was using local payment gateway – Paynow. 50c for single usage VCN would be a bit much! Can anybody else confirm they were able to use same VCN multiple times?
    I love the Ecocash Mastercard but you should be aware that Econet Buddy lines only roam in very few countries (SA, Bots, Zambia, Moz). Don’t make the same mistake as I did – loading up my Ecocash wallet with the money that I planned to spend online I was travelling to Germany for work. Sucked that when I reached my destination – no roaming, no Ecocash, no ability to re-generate already expired VCN!

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      HI there,
      Yes, we have checked that it can be used more than once, thought it was a fault in their system, so I thought I’d rather go with the ‘official’ statement from them.

      Kinda a bummer being out of a coverage area and not being able to access your money. Do you think, after the experience that you went through, that it’ll be wise to get the physical debit card?

      1. Up Sh!# Creek (Without a Paddle)

        Yes, I wont be making that mistake again! It’s not a replacement for a real international debit card for those that can get one. I’m still inclined to disbelieve the Econet Customer services representative regarding VCN. I suggest you request an official statement from somebody more senior. I had enquired about using Ecocash and Mastercard when roaming abroad from an Econet shop in HRE before I traveled – they said it would be fine. That might have been a good time for them to ask me where I was travelling to or advise me that Buddy only roams in 4 countries in the region. Ecocash Mastercard is a new product so they can be forgiven for not fully understanding it at all the retail shops yet. Still great idea from Econet – gives people more reason to keep a significant balance in their Ecocash wallets!

        1. L.S.M Kabweza

          Definitely, a more informed statement on it would be appreciated. We will reach out and advise.

  4. fabregas

    A virtual card can not be used once.U can use it as many times for a as long as it hasnt expired. I hv used one vcn for many payments.

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      Thanks for that ‘fabregas’ (great match you had over the weekend there).

      As mentioned above, yes, I noticed that it can be used multiple times, but I was of the opinion that this was a fault with their system, so I felt it’s better to advise users the ‘official’ statement from Ecocash.

  5. davy jones

    Managed to get the VCN and used it on iOS, purchased a couple of songs on itunes store. It now seems like i have to have an active/valid VCN even to purchase free apps. not sure if thats the way it should work.

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      Hi Davy,
      Great to know that the card works on iTunes. Yes, iOS is rather restrictive, so looks like you need to have an active card when needing to make purchases…

  6. Duwayne

    I have used the virtual card to pay for:
    Zinio (get all the S.A magazines on your phone)

    1. TeeMC

      Hi Duwayne, did you buy those apps in Zim?

  7. Ndini uya uya

    Thanks for the article, just yesterday i was trying to make an in-app-purchase on playstore to no avail and i thought i was doing something wrong. However in as much as it is a game changer, i think econet needs to be honest with people and give give us a full array of functionality of their Mastercard. We do not want to be short changed. In the end, people are going to be conned pa internet apa because nothing is straight forward!

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      Thanks for the comment.

      I’m not too sure why the restrictions, but it could be due to the type of card that they have going with MasterCard.

      Did you finally make the in-app purchase? How did you eventually make the purchase?

  8. Evertheson

    Paypal limits for unverified card is not $150 but $250. I have done paypal transactions of up to $200 now. The VCN again can be used multiple times so long it has not expired. Writing of what I have experienced not what I have heard. Please verify your facts before you feed the public.

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      Hi Evertheson,
      The post above is based on facts as obtained from what happened when I did the transaction. The restriction on payment fees was $150, though I will not dispute that it may have given you a higher threshold (kicking myself for not having taken a screenshot).

      As mentioned above, it was seen that the VCN can be used multiple times but ‘official’ statement from Ecocash is that it can only be used once. A fault on their system?Wrong information from their call centre agents?

    2. joseph

      so can i make three payments eg 250 , 250 and 230 for a payment which requires 730 dollars if the four digit number is delaying to come

      1. Douglas Purazi

        How long does it take to receive the four digit paypal code?

  9. Mpumelelo Msimanga

    The comments here have confirmed Cunningham’s Law: The best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question, it’s to post the wrong answer.

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      LOL, thanks for that Mpumelelo.

      We try to give the facts as they are. Appreciate the comment though.

  10. frank

    I had money sent into my wallet whilst i was in South Africa and it indeed reflected bt i went to many supermarkets tryn to make purchases using the card bt failed.However, i managed to access cash thru the use of the ATM

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      Thanks for the comment Frank. Appreciate to know what the card is like on the ground.

      Have you made any online purchases using the VCN yet?

    2. Anonymous

      I had the same problem making purchases with Zimbabwean issued Standard Chartered gold card (VISA). It would not work in Makro in SA or anywhere. But you could withdraw cash from VISA ATMs.

      1. L.S.M Kabweza

        Looks like the card may be having a challenge being recognised by POS devices. Not too sure if they have it setup this way, or it’s a fault. We’ll reach out to them and advise.

  11. Tendai

    I live in UK and have a business in Zimbabwe.Can I withdraw money from a cash machine here in UK and whats the limit and charges ?

    1. L.S.M Kabweza
  12. Tino

    Paypal says they will charge $1.95 refundable to your card so they can verify it. I said okay, was charged and now they are saying send us the code appearing on your bank statement. Now trouble! I can’t get a bank statement! Tried the USSD and it said you haven’t done any transactions asi mari yatobuda! How can I go about getting the code? Tried to do a transaction without confiming and it said declined by issuer. Might this be related to the fact its not been confirmed? Hameno…

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      Hey there Tino,
      Yes, I was faced with this same problem. I called the Steward Bank customer care number that’s listed on the back of the physical card and they say that the code should have been SMSed to me. Spoke with them numerous times and I eventually gave up.

      You can call them and check if they can tell you what it is

      1. Tino

        Hello L.S.M.K…Lol tried calling Econet first then Steward and they both said keep looking at your phone the code will appear. 48 hours NO CODE..Ayas…Eventually used a South African issued prepaid card (the tax refund ones) using my US based Paypal account and walla no need for chargings to confirm. Oh another thing, I have both Zimbabwean and US PayPal accounts and they have a world of difference from the UI to functionalities! When you have a US account you can pay directly from any card even if its not part of your registered cards whereas with the Zimbabwean account you have to register the card first. Not fair

    2. peter

      Has anyone successfully retrieved the paypal verification code from the mastercard statement?

      1. flint

        I managed to get the verification code and my paypal account is verified now. It wasn’t straight forward though as i had to contact Steward bank and they retrieved it for me, an unnecessary process as it should be done via ussd (which apparently returns nothing).

        1. Keith

          Hi Flint, please may you provide details of the person who helped you out…I called Steward Bank and the customer services rep i spoke to was totally clueless.

  13. J.E

    I tried using the physical Ecocash MasterCard for online purchases on a UK based website and it failed. I then got a Virtual MasterCard (simple 15 sec purchase on my Ecocash). I had 14 transactions. It processed 7 transactions totaling about $200 dollars. After that I got error messages from Amazon that my remaining payments can’t be processed. I contacted Ecocash Helpline 114 and they were clueless. Tried the online Realtime chat helpline at Ecocash, even worse. Finally, I called Steward Bank helpline and they told me the virtual card can only be used once and expires in 14 days to protect customers from online fraud. Mine had processed 7 transactions. Anyway, I ended up purchasing a second virtual card and it completed the remaining transactions and I spent a total of $400 on two virtual cards. I’m very happy with the service and my stuff has already been delivered to my sister in the UK who is bringing them.

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      Hi there J.E.
      Yes, was also advised that it was valid for one transaction by them, but did also find out that this was not true as I managed to do a couple of them. This was mentioned in the post above, but some comments here suggest that it can do unlimited transactions whilst only being limited by the validity of 14 days.

      Thanks for “taking it to the limit” and verifying that the number of transactions were limited to 7. Glad to do that you were able to buy on Amazon using your Ecocash MasterCard VCN.

    2. Mandy.D

      Hi J.E,

      I found that you are very familiar with ecocash online payment. I am very interested in ecocash online payment.

      Have you ever used it on Can it also be used on other shopping website, such as ebay, new egg and so on? I do not have an ecocash account at present. I am not sure if this card can meet my requirement, if I should register one. Thanks!

      1. JE

        I have never had a problem using the ecocash MasterCard purchasing online in UK, USA and China on the many different sites you mentioned plus more. This is the virtual card. The physical card doesnt work. However, recently, it appears they limit purchases up to $200. The only problem ever is trying to buy apps on Apple. For that one, its better to buy a gift card then load it as credit into your iOS. Other than that, no problems.

  14. J.E

    Incidentally, I’m seeing a potential way to send money to family overseas using the Virtual Card. Since Western Union can’t send money out, I could potentially get my relative to list something for sale for say $1,000 on eBay, then I “buy” it with the MasterCard and they receive the payment there. That’s if they carry out their threat to limit bank transfers out of Zim.

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      LOL, so true. Not too sure why the restrictions are still there when one can now buy online and potentially send money out the country.

      Great hack there. Recent reports are that RBZ has effected a $5000 maximum amount you can carry out the country, not too sure if this will follow through to online payments as well. One thing for sure though is that Ecocash’s VCN limits you to a maximum of $500 per transaction.

  15. Anthony Somerset

    so wait that piece of plastic Econet/EcoCash gave me the other day is basically useless outside of zim markets?

    1. chanda

      It definitely works, been going through the comments & there are ‘workarounds’

    2. Anonymous

      Reports are that you can use the physical card to withdraw cash from MasterCard ATMs outside Zim. Make sure you activate it first at Econet. It should also work at POS around the world eg in restaurants and stores. But you can’t use it online. For online shopping you still need to get the virtual card which is simple to do on your phone through Ecocash on *151#. I think Econet rushed the release of this product to compete Telecel so there are a few teething problems to sort out.

    3. L.S.M Kabweza

      Hey Anthony,
      The card CAN NOT work online and it seems at POS’ outside the country.

      It works at ATMs worldwide however.

  16. Steve

    I got the Ecocash virtual card tried to make a purchase on iOS. It was rejected was told payment method declined. Now I cannot even get free apps!!! Can someone help me reverse this curse I brought on myself!!!

    1. Steve

      And what’s this CVV number!!! What do I use it for!!! Where do I get the security number for virtual card!!! Help!!!!! Stranded!!!!!

      1. Anonymous

        If you look in the original text message you received from Ecocash giving you the virtual MasterCard 16 digit number, there was an accompanying message telling you card expiry date and CVV number. The CVV number should be 3 digits. It’s used for additional security on some sites or when making high value/ high volume purchases as an extra protection against fraud.

    2. Anonymous

      Do not use your virtual Mastercard to make purchases on iOS as it expires quickly (within 14 days). Rather use the virtual card to purchase an iTunes Gift Card (choose virtual iTunes card and email delivery) from Apple or several other dealers. The iTunes recharge number will be emailed to you if you choose email delivery. Then use that to purchase apps. So go through the steps again for changing your credit card number and delete the one you had used. You may need to phone Steward Bank helpline to ask if the Mastercard you had used is still valid. Don’t bother call Ecocash helpline they are so clueless and you hold on for several minutes. Some lady called Anna at Steward is very efficient with knowing everything Mastercard.

      1. L.S.M Kabweza

        Thanks for the tips on iTunes and the gift cards, I’m sure readers here who use iPhones and iPads will be happy to know how to buy apps using their Ecocash.

        Yes, it seems this is more of a Steward Bank product than Ecocash as the latter are ignorant of it.

      2. Steve

        So I use the CVV as my security number??

        1. Steve

          Where do I get the security number!!!

          1. Anonymous

            did you get the security number bro nd how did you get it?

          2. Dumz


      3. Nqobile Ncube

        Thank you Anonymous but too late I purchased oN IOS and somehow the VCN and virtual card expired before some payments where processed. Now all efforts to enter a new virtual card are being met by a statement saying the payment method has been declined.

        I tried cancelling and it’s not allowing me to do so and I can’t even do my iTunes updates on app store. How do I unravel this? So far helpline hasn’t helped. Sos.

        1. J.E

          It looks like you may hVe to change your entire iphone identity. As if you sold the phone. Then set up a new email account and address on your phone and itunes. It’s definitely easier if you buy an iTunes gift card. They come in $10 up to $100 I think. Use that to purchase apps. The MC can only process a few transactions before it expires. You may have been blacklisted. But if you re register as a new person and delete all your old details it may work.

          1. J.E

            Another way is to go buy the Gift card from Solution Centre along Enterprise or iClik at Sam Levy Village Borrowdale. They will show you how to redeem it and try maybe buy your apps that way.

  17. Magneto

    Sound like a disaster this… why doesn’t Ecocash just produce some FAQs on this service or some user manual… They normally love producing copious amounts of marketing literature! 🙂

    1. Steve

      Yes!! An online purchasing 101

  18. emak

    keep posting guys ya info is so useful

  19. moyo

    any luck on google play payments

  20. collen

    i have been using this card to buy apps on iOS on iTunes and to do online payments ,

    those who are saying they cant buy or use it online , “CHIRUNGU ICHI” read instructions careful and you will find out that the card works fine.

  21. Charles M.

    sekuru collen tibvireipo apo, wether CHIRUNGU,CHISHONA,FRENCH, or NDEBELE following instructions is always necessary! are you trying to tell us that you are smarter than everyone here? Nobody said iOS or iTunes transactions are not working, did you even read the above comments? it has been said already, Mr Korren English Chirungu Instruction Follower!!!!

  22. Sypho

    Does it work with the windows store?

  23. Clement

    Quite disappointed by the unnecessary etra step of getting a VCN and getting it charged for it no less! Why should i fiddle with USSD menu on my phone to get a number for use on the internet, why have the card then?
    I think Econet just complicated this so they could make money off it. When you consider the cumulative effect of each 50c for a VCN, it makes it clear we are being unfairly fleceed of our money. Will use an traditional master and VISA card for my online transactions. Dissapointed.

    1. Talent

      This is not easy for many people, I thought If we get our online sales things will be supper good…. Things have gone online…..

  24. lloyd

    zvakumaker sense

  25. Mick

    I think its best to stick to the old reliable Visa or Mastercard from a bank.Why go through all this hustle when Stan Chart ,FBC,Barclays and other banks have these global services on your card.Like seriously a $150 limit what would u be buying a copy of Oliver Twist? .They shouldnt hide behind adverts coz not all of us have the patience to call their customer service.They should just say it works only in zimbabwe PERIOD!

    1. J.E

      Mick I think the issue here is that this card and this service is available to ordinary people on the street; people who do not ordinarily qualify for traditional bank accounts and services due to stringent requirements like having a 3 month salary slip or a utility bill. My maid can have a MasterCard now if she likes. I think that’s big. I have been self-employed for 10 years and I still do not qualify for a traditional bank account. I can’t even own a CABS account because I don’t have a utility bill in my name and would have to resort to tricks to open one. But now I can shop online with the VCN and access services I previously sent others to get for me. The system is not perfect but I think they will work out the kinks as we go along. Overall I’m satisfied, besides the current issue I have which is they have not yet processed a refund on a purchase I cancelled in the UK and the vendor cancelled it too but the money has not been returned to my Ecocash Account.

  26. chenge

    Can I use the ecocash to pay monthly subscriptions

    1. J.E

      Monthly subscriptions for what? If it’s magazines you can do that if you purchase at or If you mean DSTV, I’ve been using Ecocash to pay my subs through Ecocash for 4 months now. In your Ecocash menu you select “Pay Bill” the. The DSTV merchant code is 22108. If you are paying for the exact same bouquet as the previous month, as you click “confirm” on your Ecocash

      1. J.E

        As you click “confirm” on your Ecocash, you count 60 seconds and your DSTV will start functioning. I have done it as late as 10pm when I got home late and found I had forgotten to pay DSTV. If you have changed your bouquet, then you need to phone the call centre to tell them before it will work. I still don’t know why people bother queuing up when they can just do it through Ecocash. As for the card, I’ve not tried to pay with it as I do it virtually through a Ecocash with no transaction fee that banks charge.

  27. chenge

    monthly subscriptions online

  28. chenge

    sorry I meant the ecocash debit card coz if the VCN expires how wil they charge the monthly subs

  29. Jairos

    Any developments on android market app purchases

  30. Shout Company

    Surprised that people are complaining about the card charges that barely even reach $5. Clearly, this Ecocash thing is the most generous offer you can get on a master card. Dear Zimbos, some things you have to appreciate….Tendaiwo

  31. Don

    Where do i get this unique code from Paypal to raise my limit?

  32. Anonymous

    hie i activated physical card yet i wanted to use virtual card for me to use that i am nw getn an error msg. wat do i do ?

  33. Victor

    So i had the Virtual Card all setup and PayPal account activated except after i had earned my money offshore, i couldn’t get paid because PayPal does not yet allow you to receive. You can only sent money. So back to TT and bank queues.

  34. Elsha

    thanks for the post, it was so helpful.

  35. Elsha

    Guys, is there anyone out there who is into online money market/ investment. I am looking for some advice.

  36. Dent

    Hi, is it does anyone have an idea of the transactional charges for sending money to the diaspora using the VCN of the Ecocash Debit Card, to UK say

  37. Apple

    Well, I tried it on my iOS device and it worked excellently. I can now purchase songs on iTunes and apps.

  38. rota

    how do I pay my SouthAfrican Dstv account online with this master card

  39. Anonymous

    To me having this card is worse than not having it, it doesn’t support what I intend to use it for. Nice game as some will win.

  40. nackett

    Hi L.S.M Kabweza

    Please, i need some enlightenment on online payments in general so that i can use my ecocash mastercard online payment through the VCN. Would you be obliging enough to enlighten me on a few isaues about online payments?

  41. PVT

    Hi guys, is it a must that in order to make online payments using this ecocash virtual card one should necessarily open a paypal account first and link the card? please someone help me on this

  42. anonymousG

    can one now purchase google play apps because last time i checked they said they were working on it

    1. J.E

      Rather purchase the Google playstore gift card. It’s like a recharge card that you then use as you download apps. Buying them individually is a problem as the MC expires and may charge as much as 65c per transaction. So if you buy an app for 99c, you end up paying almost $2 for it plus tax. If you buy a gift card, MC charges you 65c to $1.50 once off.

  43. joseph

    so can i make three payments eg 250 , 250 and 230 for a payment which requires 730 dollars if the four digit number is delaying to come

  44. Tafadzwak

    Can i play games online

  45. Tafadzwak

    Can i play games online using ecomaster card

  46. Anonymous

    Hi, I been having trouble making payment, its producing error 5008, bank interface offline, contact your bank. Econet support hasn’t helped me yet. Nt sure wat to do, I need to mek that payment today… vcn is 1 day old, card is active

    1. JT

      Call or visit Steward Bank for problems with Econet MasterCard. Econet helpline is useless. Google their helpline number; they have a free phone service for Econet lines.

  47. JJ

    Used the VCN to pay online and the website i was paying to dishonored the payment, yet the money was deducted from my ecocash wallet. visited econet and was told the issue could only be resolved in 48 days. imagine!!!!

    1. JT

      Yes when an online purchase of mine was canceled, the money was refunded to my Ecocash account in full after 30 days. It takes long.

  48. zondi

    econet zvakaoma

  49. zondi

    thanx guys

  50. Maoneke

    Hie guys,may you help me pliz,is it amust that l must open an pay pal account if l want to do ecocash online transactions?

  51. Charle

    no, yu dont need to have a paypal account to to transact online, as long as the service accepts mastercard you are good to go… however there are advantages of using paypal i.e you wont review your card details to third-parties (e.g online shops) when for example purchasing something on their website…
    the challenge with this virtual mastercard is it expires after 14 days only and also linking it to your paypal account is a hassle, from my experience 2-3 days
    so depending with what yu want to do the choice is yours..
    my advice : if its a 1 time straight deal like pay for a service or purchasing something just use the VCN, most services accept the card..

  52. Mncedisi

    Can’t the ecocash Mastercard work for funding an offshore account? The virtual card is not in my best interest as 14 days is too short, besides other types of online markets (eg. binary options etc) one may want to pay an around US$750.00, in those markets, he would expect a return on capital. Now the main question is how can the ecocash mastercard work in conditions were there is investment risk? Hence it all boils down to traditional mastercards………….. just wondern.

  53. Charle

    This is the biggest challenge with the virtual mastercard, the other option is to use one of the many e-money services available online e.g webmoney, skrill etc then fund your account using the card (not straight forward though!!!).

  54. GODz

    i did tried using my ecocash physical debit card on promoting my facebook page GODz and its true this thing does not work…was frustrated

    1. JT

      For online payments outside Zimbabwe, my physical card also failed. But the Ecocash Virtual mastercard has never failed me. It costs about a $1.50 to get one and you can buy it on your phone.
      Enter PIN
      7. Wallet services
      1. Ecocash Debit Card
      2. Ecocash MasterCard – VIRTUAL.

      You can do up to 7 transactions with it. You are also charged about $0.50 for each transaction. This VIRTUAL card expires after a month so you have to purchase another one when the month has expired, or when you have done 7 transactions. I don’t know why people have a problem with theirs. Try phone the help desk at Steward. Remember, get a VIRTUAL card for ONLINE transactions.

  55. Marlvin

    I managed to purchase some stuff on aliexpress. Buh i got stuck when i wanted a refund from aliexpress buh they couldnt process the refund. Thats bad because i couldnt get my $25 up to now…… Sucks

    1. Charle

      bad i lost some $$$$$ tooo , virtual card sucks no refunds, but still its my 1 and only option……

      1. JT

        I had to request a refund from a reseller on Amazon who was based in China because they sent the wrong item. It looked like it had failed but suddenly 8 weeks later I got a message that a refund had been processed for that amount; about £20. And it was reflecting in my Ecocash account balance. So perhaps give it time?

  56. tsokoz

    marlvin my friend, stop buying from aliexpress
    . that will save u a lot of money. just google how many people got scammed there. kuisa mari mumwena chaiko

  57. Peta

    I needed to verify my account with paypal. They deducted the $1.95 and said a four digit no would be sent to my account. I never received anything so phoned steward bank toll free help line, and they said they would find it and get back to me and they did and now I am verified on paypal. Great service ecocash and steward bank.

  58. wendy

    hi ndokwanisa kushandisa my debit card here even if I’m n
    ot roaming in south Africa mari itorimo muwallet yangu and I’m stranded

  59. Anonymous

    Want to buy something on line worth $850 using ecocash debit card , can that transaction done in a single day ???

  60. Douglas Purazi

    Hie? I managed to add my vcn to my paypal account,but the problem now is ,i never get the four digit confirmation code, how do i get it before the vcn expires? I have entered the wrong code three times,will this vcn still working? ”HOW DO I GET THE 4 DIGIT VCN CONFIRMATION CODE?

    1. oles

      Just open a paypal account only. Then Dont even wory about getting an account verification because thats difficult- what you need to do is pay for your purchases at checkout using your debit card (i.e VCN) through paypal. With Paypal you either open your account and load it with money (from your bank using a debit card) then use that to pay for puchases OR you simply use a debit card without loading money to paypal. Still your transaction will be protected by paypal.

  61. oles

    Its a nice card and everything seems fine with the VCN for online purchases because i have been using it without hassles on major online shopping sites. But my major issue is the VCN expires too quickly 14 days is too little they should make it last for at least a month. The point is if you shop online and the seller cant ship or deliver your order, yu need a refund and that refund always goes to the original card used for the purchase no matter its expired. The problem here is expired cards take longer for refunds to appear in your bank account because your card issuer receives funds and then has to transfer it to your account. This is a long process but is faster if your card(VCN) is still active coz the refunds go directly to your account.
    Call or Whatsap on 0733 560 679

  62. blessed forever

    Is it possible to be paid online, via the virtual mastercard. like I overpaid and need them to reimburse my bucks..via the same method

    1. oles

      Do you need a refund of the amount you overpaid? Yes you can get it as long as whoever you overpaid has agreed to refund you. If its via paypal the refund will still come back to your ecocash account.

      1. blessed forever

        thanx. The challenge is i had used a virtual card from ecocash wallet and they took more than 14days to approve the refund so dont I told them to hold and not refund to the same mastercard virtual card numbe coz it expired. What should be done?

        1. JT

          You should not have told them to cancel the refund. You should have told them to process it. I once also got a refund from a reseller from China (through Amazon Uk) back to my virtual MasterCard which had long since expired. The refund took several weeks but one day I got a text from Ecocash saying a refund had been processed which I had long since forgotten about. I recommend people to read through all the comments first because this issue was already covered in previous posts above. I suggest you tell them to issue the refund because the money goes into your Ecocash wallet. The MasterCard expires for you to use it after 2 weeks, but I believe it remains linked to you for at least a year for admin purposes. Check with Steward Bank helpline also after reading through the comments.

          1. oles

            Ya a refund can always pass thru even yo VCN is long expired

          2. Anonymous

            IT & Oles thank u for your responses. I told them to go on with processing the refund , and and after 4 days i found the money reflecting in my ecocash account. Thank you.

  63. TONI

    Hie….I’ve jus started to use the debit card today. What steps can I take to start purchasing online???

    If you can tell me all requirements it cn be an added advantage to me

    1. JT

      For purchasing online you can only use a virtual card. You can’t use the physical Ecocash card. Purchase a virtual card from *151# Wallet services. Also re-read all comments above as this has been answered many times.

  64. Tau

    Can i also link it to Payeer

  65. Modecai

    my card has declined in SA. what could be the reason?

    1. JT

      Declined where? You did not clarify so you can get a proper answer.
      1. If declined online in SA that would be unusual. Phone Steward Bank.
      2. If you tried to use it to purchase directly from a store, restaurant or hotel bill, it does not work for that.
      3. Best thing to do is use it at a MasterCard ATM in SA to withdraw cash for your purchases.
      If not sure, check with Steward bank helpline, not Econet (Google their number). Econet seems clueless about their own card. As a heavy user for online purchases, I’ve been issued with a new card which is not supposed to have these glitchy problem but I’m yet to use it.

  66. Lyn

    If my virtual card expires can i purchase another one again

    1. JT

      Yes you can purchase another one.

    2. Oles

      You can purchase virtual card as many times as you can

  67. Mimi

    How do i deposit money into my virtual card. Do i just deposit into my ecocash wallet?

    1. JT


  68. Francis Mabhutsu

    Apple itunes is falling to recognize my Ecocash debit card number…If i can”t buy apps ,music , videos, movies etc online using the card then what is the card for ????

    1. JT

      Re-read all the comments from the beginning. Your question has already been answered several times. The card doesnt work online. You use the virtual card which many of us are doing without problems. Re-read above for further info.

  69. Garth

    Hi All,

    Most of the comments are about payments – has anyone got a payment and do you know the limit?

  70. kelvin

    Can I use the master card to buy online???

  71. Chiedza

    Been having issues of payment reversals of late.You transact but sites tell you bank declined payment.

    1. oles

      i have had problems of declined payments. Is there anyone who is successfully making payments online that dont get declined?

  72. 4TUNE


  73. Jikiza

    Hi out there -are you successfully making online purchases and making payments successfully these days coz all my transactions are being declined why?

  74. Fishy55

    Why can I not purchase from Google play Store I have registered for online payment it says please check your card info when I try purchase on Google play Store please fix this

  75. Mitchell

    Thank you Sooooo much TechZim. I had lost all hope of paying for the delivery of information to the universities I want to apply to. My deadline was approaching and I just was so lost. Thank you

  76. Canny Kaeto

    why is it that we are facing difficulties in making payments using VCN?

  77. Beelee

    I am trying to make payment for my fees for GBP223 and my ecocash balance is $287, its denying me to make that payment saying I cannot perform transaction for amount above your balance. How expensive is this process. It seems every time I am making transaction the charges are going up.

  78. James Carl

    I got my already programmed ATM card to withdraw the maximum of $50,000 daily for a maximum of 30 days. I am so happy about this because i got mine last week and I have used it to get $100,000. MR James Carl is giving out the card just to help the poor and needy. he also advice us to help the needy around us when we get the card so that God will keep blessing all of us. get yours from him now. Just send him an email: or +16026337400

  79. tim

    which bank can i withdraw from if i have an ecocash debt card with a rand wallet account . if i am in south africa

    1. Anonymous

      Dont think yu can withdraw money anymore with debut card outside Zim

  80. Anonymity

    I am stranded in Australia with the Ecocash MasterCard. No atm can dispense money and yet I had been assured I could access USD 200/month.

  81. willie

    1. hey can i for example place a bet on a foreign compny using VCN. Does it work on betting sites?
    2. say smone wants to send me money from abroad do they use VCN or they use the card number written on the physical card.

  82. saa dube

    I am failing to make a payment using my ecocash card. I am getting this message “Transaction not Permitted to Cardholder” I want to make a payment of about US$350

  83. Outclear

    I wanna create a paypal account. Ecocash mastercard didnt work. Can u please help me with an alternative please.

  84. george

    very useful