How I dealt with those Candy Crush Saga invites

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image credit - Unmarketing

image credit – Unmarketing

Its pretty obvious,Facebook is a huge success globally and the network for anyone trying to explain or understand social media from a general perspective.

Its relevance in keeping me connected with all these “friends” however, is occasionally tarnished by issues to do with privacy, unofficial experiments and all those requests and invites for the different games available through the social network.

Yep, if you hadn’t turned them off yet you know what I’m talking about. Those numerous requests you get from your many friends to indulge in the evidently addictive craze. For a chance to get extra credits they goad you with requests to be part of the social media gaming crowd.

The aptly named Candy Crush Saga, hugely popular in its own right, is the most visible of these games but hardly the only game that you are asked to indulge in though.

Meow Chat, Bubble Witch Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, Farm Heroes Saga and Papa Pear Saga are just some of the games that your Facebook friends want you to try out.

I must say that I take my hat off to King Digital Entertainment, the creators of Candy Crush Saga and its spin offs that have been hugely successful.

They have given millions of fans something to tinker with on Facebook that’s more engaging than poking. These games have attracted all this attention and garnered so much revenue because they serve a need which is commendable.

However, for the benefit of the numerous Facebook users not remotely interested in playing any of these games or using a slew of other apps on Facebook, the fairly simple process of blocking Candy Crush Saga requests involves these simple steps.

1. Open the Facebook Settings Tab

Facebook Settings Tab


2. Click on “Blocking”

Under the settings menu scroll down to the blocking option and click on that tab

Facebook Blocking


3. Enter the name of the app or game under option “Block App Invites”. 

Facebook blocking options

After saving the settings you are free from all invites and requests to play that particular game or to use the app.



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  1. crapolla

    what a load of boring waffle crap

  2. victory

    Thank you very much, I love my friends dearly but these invites were driving me crazy