Ampion (formerly Startupbus Africa) participants to pitch at AfricaCom

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ampion-peopleRemember StartupBus Africa? It’s back but with a new name, Ampion Venture Bus. The bus concept itself, which is about having techies and creatives travel on a bus across a number of countries while they work on new startups, hasn’t changed. But there are key additions to it. First, more buses. 5 of them to cover more regions; Southern Africa, West Africa (2 buses) North Africa, and East Africa.

Ampion will also tie up the 5 different bus trips with an Ampion Conference to take place in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) in November. Other things include a fellowship programme that the organisation says they are developing.

In Southern Africa the participants get more. After working on their startups on a bus from Harare to Cape Town, the teams get to pitch to the audience of the AfricaCom conference that is taking place in November. AfricaCom is interesting because you have big money in telecoms, internet business, and mobile utility companies all attending this conference. Essentially, the people that move the tech dollars on the continent. Pitching to this audience is big deal. But even if not to pitch, just attending and studying the trends of where the money is, where it’s moving to, and how to plug into the value telecoms ecosystem in Africa is special.

The Southern African bus is due to leave Harare on the 7th of November, and will travel through the capitals of Botswana, Namibia and finally stop in South Africa for the AfricaCom conference. Applications are already open to entrepreneurs, mentors and investors and we do advise that you get yourself a spot.

Find the details of the initiative and other things on the Ampion website.

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